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Wellbeing: Men’s Day, White Ribbon, Male Image

From the Director of Wellbeing, Matt Porter


International Men’s Day 19 November 

It is a great shame that this date is not publicised more widely, particularly as men and boys are over represented when it comes to mental health and suicide statistics in comparison to women. This past Sunday comes as a timely reminder to check in with the boys and men in our lives and promote conversations and help seeking behaviours in terms of their own health and wellbeing.

The objectives of Men’s Health week include

  • Improving gender relations between men and women
  • Addressing the problems that men face
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Highlighting positive male role models
  • Creating a safer and better world.

The emphasis in wellbeing mentor groups this week focussed on one simple question “What will you do to make a positive difference?”

International Men’s Day



Year 11 Male Image Seminar

On Monday our Year 11 students took part in a keynote presentation on Male Image, Masculinity and Relationships. This was an engaging and eye opening experience which encouraged our boys to reflect upon their own decision making and their core values as a man. When we are young what makes us popular or cool are not always the desirable attributes that we wish to guide us through life. Our boys were challenged to think outside the “Man Box” and to not take the easy way out and “go with the flow” but rather than stand up for what they know is right, “swim against the current” and strive to be the best version of themselves possible.


White Ribbon Walk

At the College assembly on Thursday White Ribbon Ambassador Marty Wilson and Green House Wellbeing Prefect Daniel Brown spoke out against Violence Against Women and challenged our boys to call out sexist and misognystic attitudes in their peers. The key to preventing or reducing the prevalence of domestic violence in the future lies in the hands of our boys. As the leaders of tomorrow our boys must develop the emotional awareness and self regulation skills to manage challenging situations and tense emotions. They need to hold themselves and others to account and stand in solidarity with those in need of support or assistance.

We look forward to a great turn out on Friday morning as Waverley College will no doubt again be well represented in Standing Up, Speaking Out and Acting to prevent violence against women.