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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Wellbeing Presentations for students and parents

From the Director of Wellbeing, Matt Porter

NRL Community Education presentations

On Monday 4 September,  Blake Cavallaro from the Sydney Roosters Game Development Office will be visiting the College and presenting the following workshops to our students:

Year 8 – NRL Tackle Bullying

This is a powerful anti-bullying message which aims to empower students to stand up for themselves and others who are being bullied.


Year 9 – Better Choices

This includes a series of educational modules, which teach teenagers how to make better decisions in real life situations to avoid serious and lifelong consequences. The program includes scenarios based around alcohol misuse, illicit drugs, respectful relationships, filming and distribution of private acts without consent, violence on and off the field, social media and cyber-bullying.

For more information see the video below.



Red Frogs Schoolies Safety Presentation

Red Frogs is a not for profit organisation where youth volunteers run educational programs in schools highlighting the importance of responsible choices and safe partying.

Red Frogs staff attend major parties and gatherings such as Schoolies Byron Bay, Gold Coast and major music festivals. They offer a chaperone or support service to make sure that young people get home safely, they distribute pancake breakfasts, free water and their trademark “Red Frogs”. Red Frogs volunteers also provide a valuable source of advice and assistance through their helpline and mobile phone app.

This presentation to Year 12 students will take place on Wednesday 6 September.


The Two Worlds of Your Teenager – Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri

On Wednesday 6 September there will be student presentations to Years 10 and 11 which will be followed by a Waverley College Parents’ Association evening seminar and book launch.

Ten years in the hospitality Industry and almost 13 years presenting her award winning program, has seen Sonya Karras gain vast knowledge in the area of drugs, alcohol, keeping safe and celebrating of every kind!  Sonya shares her strategies to celebrate safely in a unique, no-nonsense and humorous way which leaves her audiences informed, entertained and with memories that will stay with them for years to come.

Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri understand that while teenagers experience many changes in their lives, there are two big areas that come into full bloom about the same time as each other: social life and thoughts about a career path.

Sonya and Sacha are experts in these two areas. They believe it’s the parent’s job to be well prepared for this often confusing time in their teenager’s life. Then when your children really need help they will confidently come to you, their parents, because you understand what’s really going on.

The purpose is to make sure the forever-widening gap between teens and their parents becomes narrower and narrower. Sonya and Sacha have made it their life’s mission to engage and connect with teenagers on a daily basis to guide them in these areas.

They believe the more choices, options and information a teenager is given, the more likely they are to make positive choices, especially when faced with a tricky situation. Their fun, down-to-earth manner readily connects with parents and teens, and makes this an engaging and informative event and a worthwhile read.