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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Wellbeing Update

From the Director of Student Wellbeing, Matt Porter

Year 7 Broken Bay Camp

Last week, all of our Year 7 boys participated in the Broken Bay camp. This is a fantastic way to start the year, and an essential experience in the transition program to Senior School.

The significance of this transition was highlighted recently in the ABC series “My Year 7 Life”. Boys find themselves going from being the biggest kids in their previous school to the smallest in Senior School. They have to learn to manage new social relationships, responsibilities, and challenges.

Under the guidance of our eight Heads of House, the boys had the opportunity to throw themselves into a range of activities – such as raft building, bush walking, hiking, team building and initiative games – while getting to know one another and forging new friendships.  These friendships will serve them well throughout their time at Waverley College, and indeed as the Old Boys of the future.

A big thank you to the Heads of House and other supervising staff members who gave up their time and made getting to know our new students their sole focus.  If there is anything that we can do to assist with your son’s transition in any way please get in touch.

Mentor interviews

On Monday the 26 February between 1:30 – 4:30pm all parents and carers or Years 7-12 are invited to attend a 10 min interview with their sons and their Wellbeing Mentor.

This conversation differs from the traditional parent/teacher interviews which normally take place later in the semester. The sole focus of these interviews is to get to know as much about your son as possible. By identifying their strengths, interests and areas for further development, we can work together to bring about the best possible educational outcomes for each individual.

Dr Andrew Fuller wrote that young people too often live in a world that is time and relationship poor. This makes them hungry for adults who care about them and make them feel safe. Boys need adults who believe they can succeed. Well-functioning boys are able to reflect upon the consequences of actions, consider morally complex and ambiguous situations and treat others with compassion and empathy. Young people develop this when they are guided by parents and schools that have a clear values-based approach and a shared vision of success. Dr Fuller emphasized the importance of a “Trio of Care” the school, the family and the individual. Together is better.

Bookings are now available for this event via the parent portal below.

Waverley College Parent Portal

2018 Student Representative Council Application and International Women’s Day breakfast 

Applications are now open for students wishing to apply for the 2018 Student Representative Council (SRC).

Students need to complete a written application in response to the selection criteria distributed via email this week and submit this to the Wellbeing Centre no later than Friday 23rd of February.

The successful applicants will be acknowledged at our International Women’s Day student leaders breakfast on Thursday the 8th of March.