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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Year 10 Allwell Testing – Wednesday, 10 May 2023

(Acting) Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning, Ms Lynsey Porter

(Acting) Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning, Ms Lynsey Porter

Dear Parents and Carers

On Wednesday, 10 May, Year 10 students will be participating in the Academic Assessment Services (Allwell) Test during Periods 1-4. This is a mandatory test and you may remember that all students sat a similar test in Year 8.

This test forms a key part of Waverley College effectively and consistently measuring the academic growth of all students. When combined with the NAPLAN data, the College will have six years of data measurement to provide feedback to you regarding your son.

We also use this data in a variety of ways to improve the delivery of curriculum within the College, and to add to the information in Year 10 that we use to support your son with the Subject Selection process.

After the testing day you will be provided with a written report, summarising your son’s results. These results will be returned to the College a few weeks after the testing date.

How does my son prepare for these tests?

There is no course material to study prior to the day. It is a measurement, similar to NAPLAN, to give the College a picture of how your son is progressing during Year 10. It is vitally important on the day for your son to try his best, read the instructions carefully, and use every minute to maximum effect.

What happens if my son is absent from the College that day?

There will be another day allocated to enable students to complete the test if they are away.

Information about the Testing Day

Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Time Schedule:

8:45am – Start Session 1

10:45am – Recess Break

11:05am – Start Session 2

12:30pm – Finish

Venue: Brother J P Lacey Gymnasium

On the Day:

  • Student must bring two pens – blue or black
  • Scientific calculator (not CAS)
  • Use the toilet before the first session. Interruption may affect test results.
  • Relax and do your best. Read the instructions and use every minute to maximum effect.
  • The tests are held in two (2) sessions with a twenty (20) minute recess break between each session.