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Year 10 Applied Philosophy Students Design a Student-Led Seminar and Discover the Pathway to Becoming a Psychologist

Ms Samantha Jessen, College Psychologist (Years 7-12)

Ms Samantha Jessen, College Psychologist (Years 7-12)

As part of the Year 10 elective subject ‘Applied Philosophy’, boys participated in and designed a student-led seminar. The current topic is ‘Psychology in our World’ and with this, students developed targeted questions for the one of the College’s psychologists to engage with, in a special classroom workshop.

Ms Samantha Jessen spent one lesson with the class exploring and mapping out the various expressions psychology takes in our community.

Of great interest was the pathway to becoming a psychologist and the life-giving work psychologists do. The big impact psychologists have on society and in our context, school, was remarked upon.

Various aspects of psychology were touched upon with the students engaged and excited with their learning.

Ms Samantha Jessen, College Psychologist (Years 7-12)

Topics of psychology covered in the course included:

  • Research methods in psychology
  • Biological bases of behaviour
  • Intelligence and creativity
  • Personality and self
  • Forensic psychology
  • Psychology and society
  • Psychology and gender
  • Psychological disorders and constructs of normality
  • Psychology of success

Bringing classroom learning alive via links to real-life community action and real-world professionals, was of great value to the students.


Mr Bill Roberts

Head of Library Services and Years 9 and 10 Applied Philosophy Teacher

Ms Samantha Jessen

College Psychologist (Years 7-12)