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Academic Curriculum

Year 10 Birthday Cakes really hit the sweet spot!

From Year 10 Technology student, Nathan Higgs

In the last week of Term 4 we completed a Special Occasions assignment for our Year 10 Food Technology class.

The assignment involved us asking our friends or siblings what were their hobbies. Then we had to bake a cake around it. For my cake I did a medicine based cake because my brother was recently appointed CUO of Medics in the Waverley College Cadet Unit.

In our first lesson in the week we had to bake the cake, which was the easiest part of it all since all we just had to mix the ingredients and wait.

In the second lesson we had to dye as much white fondant as we could to match our cake. For my cake I did red because I wanted to add a red cross on top of the cake.

In our third lesson we continued dyeing the white fondant and for the students who were further ahead, they started moulding. At the end of the lesson the majority of students were not finished so we had to take some fondant home, which was fun because I managed to make a little doctor and some bandaids which I wouldn’t have had time to complete in class.

The final lesson was to cover the cake in fondant by putting the base layer on and then adding the completed props to finish the cake. The assignment was really fun. This was my first time using fondant and I will be sure to use it again.