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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Year 10 Subject Selection Forms for Stage 6 2022

Senior Students during a class in one of the new Kenny classrooms

On Wednesday, Year 10 students received an email to their school email account with the link and password to the Edval Timetable Program to complete online subject selection.

Subject selection does not have to be completed until Thursday 22 July, after the Parent/Teacher Interviews early next term.

Changes to subjects selected can be made online by logging in again up until 22 July, but will require a new confirmation form to be printed and handed in.

Confirmation of selection forms can be left in the box outside of Ms Lamonica’s office on the first floor of the administration building on Birrell Street.

Any students considering doing a TAFE option will still need to select 13 Units of study at school and make an appointment to see Ms Knowles on the first day back next term as these applications are due in early August.

Click here to access the University Admissions Centre (UAC). Here you will find a number of interesting and relevant publications regarding ATAR calculation, HSC course selection and university courses to be offered in 2022.

If any student is considering applying to do both Extension Mathematics and Extension English in Year 11 you will need to come and speak to me before doing your online subject selection.

If you wish to do Extension Mathematics you must select Mathematics 2 unit of 3 unit as your mathematics course as well as Extension Mathematics.


Mr Chris Soden

Assistant Director of Curriculum