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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Year 11 Students Learn Invaluable Skills at Their Galmatic Car Workshop Incursion

On Tuesday, Year 11 Lacey boys welcomed businesswoman Eleni Mitakos (2023 winner Barbara Cox Woman of the Year!) and the Galmatic Car Workshops back to Waverley. Our senior students have been actively participating in these very practical car maintenance workshops for the past four years.

In one-to-one and group scenarios, students learned both theory and hands-on training, improving their knowledge, skills, confidence and safety awareness in a one-hour, outdoor session in the Kenny Quad.

Eleni’s warmth and encouragement created an environment where our students felt comfortable asking questions, and she made use of real-life scenarios to teach new skills.

She believes these interactive Galmatic workshops remain indispensable:

“We have a misconception that dads are helping their kids to fix cars and that because many of us have new cars, that we don’t need to know anything about how they run. These workshops are important because they empower teenagers to feel confident about fixing a car – safely, quickly and easily.”

Eleni Mitakos

Eleni Mitakos, Director Of Training And Development at Galmatic – Eleni established Galmatic in 2007 with the launch of the Galmatic Car Care Handbook for Girls and the Galmatic Car Care Workshops for Women

Galmatic Car Workshop

Year 11 student, Tom Park, found the workshop really worthwhile:

“Today we learnt how to change the tyre if we have a flat and where to put the jack. We learned the important parts of the engine, incase we need to change the oil, wiper fluid or coolant. The new thing I learned today was how to check the dipstick – with too much oil, you’ll get spits out the back, too little oil and the pistons will run against the engine and break the motor.”

These unique Galmatic Workshops ran this week for all Year 11 students. Thanks Eleni, for sharing your expertise and passion, in a fun, authentic and non-judgemental environment.