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Year 12 Hospitality Students Nourish Waverley Staff!

Year 12 Hospitality 2022

On Tuesday, as we came back from our rested long weekend, Year 12 Hospitality students were busily cooking in the kitchen for the staff to enjoy some extra food in their day. The students were tasked with creating 11 different dishes, some more intricate than others. These dishes certainly tested their skills, and I was confident that their summation of the hospitality course had prepared them for days such as today.

One dish of importance within any restaurant is a ‘family meal’. This meal, served to the chefs and wait staff within restaurants, is a real way to connect a business. As such, we wanted this to be reflected in this group. Our family meal was a freshly made basil pesto pasta, where the pasta had been prepared by the boys from scratch and rolled out.

Year 12 Hospitality 2022

The pride and passion for the food created by these boys was reflected in their application of skill, their willingness to present it, and at some stages, rushing to do a classroom delivery to their favourite teachers to get that affirmation of how great they had cooked.

This service period was an important step in finalising their competency tasks in their VET course, and to make sure they are well equipped if they decide to pursue retail and hospitality careers, post-school. The TAS VET team enjoyed the working environment created during these service periods, and a huge thanks to Mrs Knowles, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs O’Loughlin for the day’s assistance.

Year 12 Hospitality 2022



Mr Mark Neale

TAS/VET Teacher