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Creative Arts

Year 12 Major Works | Industrial Design Multimedia Showcase

A still from "Ruck" a short film by Brock Preston

Ruck by Brock Preston

From TAS & Computing Studies Teacher, Mr Anthony Gibbs

This year’s Industrial Technology Multimedia students have done a wonderful job of producing their Major Projects despite experiencing complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Planning, managing and producing a Major Project is a year-long process and is highly challenging in the best of times. I commend students on their ability to endure this difficult situation and still deliver their projects.

Along with the Major Project Design, Management and Communication Folio, students have produced a variety of practical projects that have demonstrated a diversity of skills in cinematography, video and audio editing, 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation, visual special effects production and music production.



Industrial Design – Multimedia | Student Major Works Gallery

Calam Baird 
Artwork title: “Internet Money”
Expressive form: Short Documentary Film
For my Industrial Technology Major Project, I intend to produce a short film based upon the rise of two teenage boys who want to make it big. The film will dive into the topics of failures, successes and entrepreneurial spirit. The film will be in the style of a short film as it has aspects of a story line and cinematic shots. The reason I am deciding to produce this film is to document a new era of “internet money”; which is a new way that teenagers are making money online. The video will showcase the new way of making money along with the struggles that come along with this such as failure of starting a business and making money in a different way to other people.


Riley-James Cebokli
Artwork title: “The Ball”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: For my 2019 Industrial Technology Multimedia HSC Major Work, I intend to create a short live-action film of no longer than six minutes. The film will incorporate various elements of media including; soundtrack (which I Intend creating), audio effects, editing and filming techniques. Video is a preferable medium for I can capture live action footage and apply various effects and techniques to achieve a desired result. Furthermore, it is easier to capture video than generate 2D or 3D animations and far less equipment, software and time is required.

I’m considering producing a short film centred around a dog chasing a ball and venturing to different places following the circuitous path of the ball. The ball’s venture will commence slowly gradually gaining speed and momentum as it progresses, with each following scene seeing the ball travel through greater extremes. I intend to incorporate editing techniques and a complementary soundtrack to further enhance the story. The film isn’t reliant on many actors, primarily focussing on a dog whose involvement is merely ancillary to the plot. There is no dialogue in the film nor does the film need to be shot at any specific location the film requires few props just a ball allowing for greater flexibility.


Christian Diaz
Artwork title: “Sydney”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: For my Major Work I intend to create a short film with a variety of visual special effects. I am also thinking of including stop motion animation, 2D animation and creating my own soundtrack. I plan to capture the unique and beautiful scenery of the city of Sydney. I intend to also use video effects such as time-lapse, slow motion, freeze frames and skip frames.

My design influences for my major work comes from Ron Fricke’s work in Samsara and Baraka. I hope to achieve the similar style created by Fricke, who uses close up shots, long shots, slow-motion, time-lapse and drone footage. The theme and narrative for my Major Project is to capture the simplistic yet beautiful moments and actions of the public through the lens of a camera. I want to showcase the individuality of not only people but buildings and the infrastructure in the city.


Lucas Giordano
Artwork title: “Connected”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: For my Year 12 Multimedia Major Work I intend to create a short film analysing the use of technology in human life, with the effects and shifts in day to day life that comes with it. I sense that this is an important topic to cover due to it being very common and a recurring issue that not many people acknowledge and fully understand. Creating this short film will help me and others understand the benefits and disadvantages of depending on technology and frequently using social media, whilst also accomplishing a visually pleasing and entertaining film targeted towards a demographic audience of teenagers to young adults (millennials); as this category of people are more reliant on computers and cellular devices than others. Elements of multimedia that I would like to incorporate in my short film would be the use of 2D animation, video, audio and text. By using 2D animation on top video and 8-bit animation I can create an electronic, playful and cheeky environment and mood, replicating different websites, games and applications. Text can be used to replicate the action messaging, coding or using a keyboard adding a sense of a computerised setting. The use of video will piece each data type together and will help present the setting, lighting, movement/action, animations, effects and concept.


Ryuji Moonen-Narita
Artwork title: “Shattered”
Expressive form: Animated Short Film
Artist statement: For this Major Work I intend to create a 2D animation utilising After Effects for VFX, Photoshop for frame by frame animation, Adobe Premiere for the main compositing and editing, Adobe Audition for the creation and editing of both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds and 3DS Max for a glass shatter simulation. I intend to use frame by frame animation as the main component of my project, alongside compositions of After Effects, the first being a Galactic Orb, and the Second being a Laser Sci-fi weapon. I intend to use Audition as my main software of Recording and editing Analog diegetic and non-diegetic sounds as well creating Digital audio. To incorporate 3D elements into this composition, I intend to use 3DS Max for a glass ball, shatter simulation.

I only intend to use two characters in this animation, not only to emphasise the characters’ stories but also to limit workload and increase efficiency. I have thought about the plot/storyline of my project for a while now, I would like it to follow the journey of the protagonist as he explores a lost tomb and finds a mysterious orb. This orb upon touching transports him to another dimension, in which the antagonist detects an anomaly, not far off. The protagonist is confronted by his nemesis and is then shot in the shoulder dropping the orb and shattering. Upon shattering, the protagonist will be transported to our universe, trapped.


Daniel Pomes
Artwork title: “The Blob”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: For this Major Work, I intend to make a short film that incorporates film, 2D animation, 3D animation, and visual effects. I also intend to create a majority of my own original music and sound effects for the project. This project will incorporate film, which will be used to create the location and backdrop for the short film. 2D animation will be used in this project as the main protagonist, who will be a 2D animation composited onto the film. Another aspect to the project is 3D animation, which will be used to create objects that will be placed in video. Visual and sound effects will be used throughout the project to add a sense of depth to the short film and tie everything together.

I intend to create a short narrative for the project. The story will follow a 2D animated protagonist that resembles the image of a blob. The blob will be set in real life, where a camera will be used to film a location. The animated character will interact with its environment, were some 3D objects will be placed.


Brock Preston
Artwork title: “Ruck”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: My intentions for the Year 12 Major Work is to create a short film or trailer, with a pre-1990’s soundtrack, this will include music from my own and from the time period the film is set in. I hope to include a stop motion and cel-based animation. I found inspiration from the 2019 film, Joker, where Arthur Fleck deals with a dark world that shapes him and shapes his disorder, PBA (Pseudobulbar affect) which affects him with uncontrollable laughter. I wanted to explore these elements and ideas in my short film.


Finn Robilliard
Artwork title: “Noodlebrain”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: For my Major Project, I intend to create a film that incorporates all of the multimedia data types: video, audio (soundtrack and sound effects), text, stop-motion animation, 2D animation and video special effects. I would like to create an entirely original and unique film that challenges the status quo of Major Projects from previous years. The idea that I am considering for the film mainly revolves around the crossover between Japanese cuisine and the buzzing chaos of Tokyo.

I would like to draw a connection between the two and create an eccentric science fiction film about a busy foreign traveller that eats an off-ramen dish that transforms his reality into a frightening hallucination where everything resembles noodles.


Thomas Riethmuller
Artwork title: “The Destruction of a Mortal Soul”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: The Intent of my Major Project is to present a compelling and a visually satisfying short film. I intend to use many programs including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Garage Band, Adobe After Effects and other Programs discovered during the Major Project editing phase.

The narrative that I intend to create is based in a bush area. The main protagonist does not have a name but is referred to as “patient”. The “patient” is in a bush, a very calming environment for him as he seems very relaxed. It becomes apparent that he is not in this place as some objects seem extremely out of place. Then there is a voice that seems as if it is coming from a loudspeaker and questions the “patient”. As time goes the reality comes more apparent as it seems like he’s in a white, bland room with him being the only main distinct feature. As he ponders on his situation the short film ending with the realisation that his reality is altered and he may not be aware of what is real and what is augmented.


Oliver Thompson
Artwork title: “Asteroid”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: My intention for the Year 12 Major Project will to produce a short film with many animation techniques, special effects, 3D modelling, original soundtrack, camera and editing techniques. The data types for my Major Project will involve images, audio, text and video paired with animation.

I am planning to create a short film based around an asteroid striking Earth. The protagonist of the film will wake up and find out that an asteroid is going to hit earth, the Protagonist will wake up, go to the kitchen and make breakfast, they will then go to the TV room and turn on the television, they will watch an animation/cartoon and then a news alert with information about an asteroid coming towards earth. The protagonist learns about this news and heads outside to see if they can see the asteroid, they see it and run inside and hide under shelter, the asteroid heads towards the earth and ends up breaking up in the atmosphere causing it to just end up being a little rock.


Barney Wilson
Artwork title: “Parallel Reality 2036”
Expressive form: Short Film
Artist statement: For my 2020 Major Project, I intend to make a short concise film, outlining the danger of combining reality with the virtual world. I intend to inform and entertain my audience on the risks of progressing technology, as well as the many issues and side effects that this progressive technology can contain. These issues can contain ideas such as humans being unable to distinguish the difference between the virtual and real world. These concepts are still theoretical in reality but in my short film it will be based in the future where these misconceptions will be viable.

My film will incorporate and include a varied range of camera angles and effects whilst utilising and paying attention to the sharpest of details. To further demonstrate my skills and video making ability, I intend to employ high-level editing techniques and custom transitions assisted by Adobe software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop for digital elements of the filmmaking process.