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Year 12 Spanish Beginners/Continuers Film and Food Incursion

Year 12 Spanish Incursion

Year 12 Spanish Incursion

When studying a foreign language such as Spanish, it is important to be exposed to a variety of authentic resources and experiences to enrich a student’s understanding and appreciation of the cultural contexts in which the language is used, as well as develop an ability to reflect on their own culture. 

Last week, Year 12 Beginners and Continuers students had the opportunity to watch a film based on a book written by the Mexican author, Laura Esquival, entitled: Like Water for Chocolate in the Performance Arts Centre. The film was set in 1910 during the Mexican Revolution and presented a visually stunning tale of love and the magical powers of food.

Before watching the film, students were treated to a traditional Spanish breakfast of chocolate caliente, churros y magdalenas. Sampling the delectable treats was an integral part of their incursion, as they were able to appreciate the importance of delicious food and flavours in Spanish cuisine.  


Ms Priscilla Quintata

Head of Languages


Year 12 Spanish Incursion

Traditional Spanish breakfast of chocolate caliente, churros y magdalenas. YUM!