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Year 9 Weaves Storytelling Magic to Write a Book in a Day

This week, creative Year 9 students collaborated against the clock to illustrate and ‘Write a Book in a Day.’ This popular 12-hour competition really challenges students, because they must include unique parameters in their story, which stretches their intellectual flexibility and innovation. It’s also a lot of fun!

We’re so proud that these student authors and illustrators got involved. Here’s what a couple of them had to say about the five-chapter project:

“The collaborative process works really well, because in the end, each piece comes together from each individual to paint the full picture … and I learned that we’re all creative in different ways.” – Archie Godby

“Having many people writing, creates a lot of variation which adds to the creativity of the writing.” – Max Sheehy

We can’t wait to read the digital edition of their story, The Search for Happiness, in the Online Library shared with hospitals right across Australia, with sponsorship funds gifted to the Kids’ Cancer Project.

Thank you Archie Godby, Thomas Jackson-Whilock, Kobe Jones, Toby McDonald, Max Sheehy, Luca Cornelius and Renator Rovacchi for sharing your storytelling magic.


Ms Sherri Falkinder




Ms Vanessa Witton

Marketing Communications Specialist