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Creative Arts

Years 11 and 12 Entertainment Charlie and the Chocolate Factory excursion

By Year 11 Entertainment Student, Riley Klotz

On Wednesday the 20th of March, Years 11 and 12 Entertainment classes set off on an adventure to the heart of the city to attend the musical; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was filled with intricate set pieces, spectacular special effects, amazing actors and many more features to delight the audience.

The show was relevant to the staging elements we have been learning in class. It was jam-packed with many techniques and certain aspects of staging we have learned, such as; scrims, trucks, fly towers and many more techniques. This was really interesting to view live, as thus far, we have only seen these techniques used in productions viewed online. To see these intricate techniques in person, was spectacular. We have also just started our new topic, audio, so it was really interesting to see how it worked in a live performance. There were a lot of sound effects that enhanced our experience of viewing the show.

Everyone on the excursion was thrilled by the production values and theatrics of the show, including the singing, dancing, acting, as well as the lights, set, costumes, vision screens, etc. The culmination of all of that made it such an amazing experience to attend Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.