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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Years 9-12 Duke of Edinburgh Update and Registration

Homeless Week Knitting

Although we are learning online, students are still able to complete their Duke Of Edinburgh from home! Students are required to complete one hour a week of physical recreation, a skill and a service. Here are some ideas for your son to consider in order to maintain his award progress whilst in lockdown:

Physical Activity

Now more than ever we need to ensure we are consistently getting up and moving our bodies. 

  • Using a fitness tracker app like Strava, Fitbit or the Nike RunApp, students can record their walks, runs, cycles or swims throughout the week. They can then upload a screenshot of their activity from the application to their ORB.
  • At home, workouts can be logged by including a picture of them completing the workout, what exercises they did, reps and sets, the exercise they found challenging, or an exercise they have improved on. 
Track your fitness progress

Track your fitness progress over time


There are many ideas for learning a new skill at home! Here are a few:

  • Students can plan and prepare a meal for the household, logging an image of the student cooking, the finished meal and the recipe.
  • Read for 15mins, four days a week, and log chapter reviews.
  • Learn a new language on Duolingo, and screenshotting their progress as a log for the ORB.
  • Practise singing or a musical instrument.
  • Develop coding skills by creating a new computer game and screenshotting the progress.
Senior School student practicing his guitar during a music class

Learn a new musical skill at home


  • Our elderly are the most vulnerable in our community at the moment. Why not write letters to residents at your local aged care facility? Unable to have visitors, a letter to an elderly person to introduce yourself, tell them you are thinking of them, and giving them some tips to stay positive during this time, would brighten their day. Take a photo of your letter and upload them to your ORB.
  • Knit a square for our blanket for the Matt Talbot Hostel. Order online some 8ply navy or white wool and some 4.50mm needles from Spotlight to and learn to knit a 40 stitch x 40 row square. Take a photo of your progress and upload them to your ORB.

A reminder that your log must be at least 1-2 sentences explaining your participation. Don’t forget to download the ORB Participant app for quick logging! 


Ms Gemma Brown

Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader