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2018 Spirituality Lecture

Tuesday 29th May 2018

6.00pm to 8.30pm

"What are we doing on Earth, for Christ's sake?" ...A conversation with Richard Leonard SJ.


Richard Leonard SJ

“What are We doing on Earth for Christ’s Sake?”

“… Christian ethical behaviour … connects our real lives with others so that we might be the best people we can be. At its best, it is never moralising but allows a tradition with ancient roots of reflecting on human nature for two thousand years to adapt it to the here and now. I find that liberating.” Richard Leonard

Waverley College invites our community to attend a special evening for adults with a focus on how to find meaning in today’s world. A challenging mixture of spirituality and life experience, this informal event includes a light meal, lecture and discussion with a prominent Australian theologian who lectures internationally and writes on faith and culture: Richard LeonardSJ, is a writer and film critic who has written and spoken about cinema, culture, and faith on four continents. An Australian Jesuit with advanced degrees in theology and film, Leonard is the director of the Australian Catholic Film Office. As well as his interest in cinema, he has written books including Where the Hell is God? Why Bother Praying?  and What are We Doing on Earth for Christ’s Sake?

Parents get the most out of their child’s Catholic education when they commit to reinforcing at home the values taught in the classroom. Catholic education prepares our children to be people of moral conscience, social justice and community; things that make it possible for them as adults to be contributors to a better society. The power of a Catholic education is that it is more than lessons from a textbook; it is also lessons in life. This lecture series for adults is designed to engage parents with perspectives on the Catholic faith that will support their conversations with their sons.

Richard Leonard SJ will speak at Waverley College on Tuesday 29 May, 6pm, Senior Library. 

Attendance is free of charge. Please register your attendance at the link below.

Location: Waverley College Senior Library

Please register your attendance at this event by clicking on the link below