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Parent, Teacher & Student Interviews Years 5 & 6

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Meet with your son's teacher to discuss his progress and review his interim report.

Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews in 2016

Interviews will take place throughout the day on Tuesday April 26 which will be a student free day for the Junior School.

Please use our online booking system to reserve a time for you to meet with your son and his teacher for approximately 10 minutes to discuss progress and review his interim report.

Your son is required to attend, but is not required to wear school uniform.

To book follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the code ‘jzegu’
  3. Fill in your details and follow the instructions
  4. Check your confirmation email to ensure your details and time selected are correct.

Please note that bookings will close on Friday 8 April.