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Junior School Policy

Waverley College Junior School policies are designed to ensure that our students can learn and prepare for high school in an environment where they feel safe, cared for and encouraged to achieve to the best of their personal ability.

School Uniform

A high standard of uniform is expected at all times. This includes attention to hairstyles. The College School bag and Sports bag are compulsory for all students at Waverley College. The uniform can only be purchased from the College uniform shop (Mrs Brisby’s), which is located on the Senior School campus.

Code of Conduct

All students at Waverley College have the right to learn. Sound teaching and learning depends on all students co-operating, so that students can learn without being disrupted by the misconduct of others. There is also the expectation that tasks set by teachers are completed and classes attended. Absence without leave from class or the College between 8.40am and 3.00pm is a serious breach of trust. Good manners and respect are expected from each boy in his relationships with fellow students and teachers.

Students have a right to be proud of the good name of their College.
In travelling to and from school, on excursions, or when representing the College in any way, all students should be polite and considerate and aware that the College is judged by their conduct.
The College has various prescribed uniform requirements and all are expected to comply with these regulations at all times and be well groomed in their appearance.
Individual students who are chosen to represent the College and accept representative honours in any activity are expected to fulfil that commitment through attending practice sessions and fixtures.

Students have a right to be respected. Their personal property is also to be respected.
All forms of stealing or vandalism are offences against the whole school community. A student’s personal belongings are not to be interfered with at any time by other students. No student should be in possession of any article that belongs to another, or anything that could cause harm to another.

Students have a right to a pleasant and safe place in which to work and play.
All students must take proper care when using school property. Vandalism of school property is viewed as a serious offence.
All students are expected to make every effort to keep their surroundings clean and tidy. The school yard should be a safe place for all, and rough or wild games in the yard are not permitted. A hands-off policy applies at all times.
No one is allowed in ‘out of bounds’ areas unless approved and/or supervised by teachers.


It is the policy of the College to set regular homework. Students in Years 5 and 6 are recommended to complete 45-60 minutes of homework per night Monday-Thursday. Homework tasks usually involve one or more of the following:

  1. Set work based on the daily work in the subject.
  2. A task related to revision of the day’s lessons and/or some past work – this might be revision for a test, for example.
  3. Major assignments and tasks, which need to be worked on over a lengthy period. The boys need to budget their time for such a task and record this in their diary, otherwise rushed last-minute efforts are made with little benefit to the boy. Project work is given sufficient notice. It is not acceptable to write a note saying your son was ill the night before a project is due and therefore the project was not completed on time.

Work that is poorly presented or reveals little or no effort on the part of the boy may be required to be presented again. A consistent disregard of homework tasks will be considered a serious matter.


Every student at Waverley College has the right to learn, play and grow in an environment where he is treated with fairness and respect; where he feels safe, happy and senses that he belongs to the community of Waverley College.
Bullying is always considered a serious offence at Waverley College and the College has a zero-tolerance policy in this regard.


All boys are expected to contribute in a significant and relevant manner to the life of the College in its fullest sense. This benefits the whole Waverley Junior School community – staff, students and families – in enriching relationships and building character, teamwork, skills, fitness and dedication.

Commitment to any sport or activity involves full participation in training sessions, rehearsals, games, carnivals and performances. It is also necessitated by our membership of the sporting association IPSHA. If a student is gifted in any sport or activity he is expected to share and develop that talent within and for the College. For example, if a student sings well he sings for Waverley College.