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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

2017 Careers Updates Sep 14: Career News Issue 14

From the Head of Senior Studies and Careers, Kath Knowles


University of Sydney – Fixed ATAR System

The fixed ATAR is the minimum ATAR needed to guarantee entry into a chosen course.

If a student achieves this required ATAR and places Sydney as their first preference they will be made an offer through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

The required ATAR thresholds will not change throughout the preference and admissions period for 2018 entry, which includes the December, January and February UAC rounds


UAC Applications Open Wednesday 2 August


UAC Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS)

Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) are one way institutions make early offers of undergraduate admission, using criteria other than (or in addition to) the ATAR.

Participating institutions can use a range of criteria when making SRS offers, including your Year 11 studies, school’s rating of your abilities in areas of study and aptitudes, and your Educational Access Schemes (EAS) application (if applicable).

SRS Applications Open Wednesday 2 August and close Friday 29 September


Interstate University Applications

If you’re planning to apply to university interstate, here is where you can apply. Make sure you keep an eye on the dates, as they differ from state to state. Most admissions centres allow you to change your preferences after the closing date, but make sure you know the rules (and fees) that apply in each state. Some have variable closing dates depending on the course you’re applying to.


Applications open 7 August; close 28 September


Applications open 3 August; close 26 September


Applications open 7 August; close 29 September

SA & NT:

Applications open 7 August; close 29 September

TAS: Direct to

Applications open 4 August; close 29 September


University of Melbourne Interstate Student and Family Information Day

Mon 2 October

This day is designed for interstate domestic Year 11 and 12 students to visit the University of Melbourne and find out about study and accommodation options. Registrations are required.


Starting a Career in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is an exciting branch of medical radiations that uses radioactive materials in the form of radiopharmaceuticals to generate images that are used to diagnose diseases and in the form of radioisotopes to treat disease or relieve pain.


Engineering and IT Leadership Scholarship, University of Sydney
Our Leadership Scholarship is one of the most valuable undergraduate scholarships in Australia, offering generous financial support and extensive leadership development.

$18,000 per year for up to 4 years, plus professional industry placements and participation in the Faculty Leadership Program.


Sydney Scholars Awards Open August 1

The Sydney Scholars Awards offers Year 12 students commencing their studies in 2018 the opportunity to apply for scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 per year in value and awarded in duration from one year, up to 5 years (including combined undergraduate degrees). Must be for study at the University of Sydney.


University of Wollongong Mock Interview Day

25 September 2017

Gain new insights by practicing your interviewing skills with UOW staff ahead of Early Admission interviews at our In2Uni Mock Interview Day!

The day is open to students who participated in the Year 12 University Preparation Program, or Year 12 Summer Master Classes in 2017.


University of Notre Dame Application Deadline 29 September

Notre Dame is a direct application university – students will not find Notre Dame listed among the UAC options. Students apply directly to Notre Dame using the application form or apply online. No application fee is required.


Paramedic Traineeships

Applicants who have no prior medical experience can apply for the Trainee Paramedic (vocational entry) role. Through the Trainee Paramedic vocational entry training pathway, you will undertake the nationally-accredited Diploma of Paramedical Science over three years, delivered by the NSW Ambulance Education Centre, Rozelle, Sydney.


University of Canberra: Schools Recommendation Scheme

Students are able to secure an offer to the University of Canberra if their school recommends them for admission. This scheme is available to domestic students completing a year 12 program


Essential Energy Apprenticeships 2018

If working outdoors in a team environment appeals to you, an apprenticeship with Essential Energy might be the perfect way to kick start your career.
We are currently offering apprenticeships for Powerline Workers, and Electrical Technicians in our Regional Operations and Zone Substation branches.


Master Builders Association Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Master Builders Apprenticeship Service is a Group Training Organisation, who employs apprentices and trainees to place them with tradespeople, builders and contractors within the Building and Construction Industry for on the job training in their selected trade.

We’re always looking for great people looking to start or continue their apprenticeship with Master Builders.

Apply to become a Master Builder Apprentice –


Master Plumbers Association of NSW Apprenticeships

Find out what it takes to become a plumber – they’re particularly looking for female applicants.


Road Designer in Training

Offered by Roads & Maritime and WSU, you get a full-time job and salary while you study civil engineering, your university fees paid in full, study and exam leave, plus on the job training and practical experience while you study.


Australian Government Cadetships, Scholarships and Work Experience Opportunities

The Australian government has a number of cadetship, scholarship, and work experience opportunities within Australian Government departments and agencies. To view these opportunities, visit:


JMC: How to break into the arts and entertainment industries

This article from JMC Academy provides some great tips on how to break into these industries and others like them.


Myfuture 2017 Updates

Myfuture has made updates to its website for 2017. These include my career profile. The account registration for users has also been simplified as well as a simplification of the course search to make finding a course or career path easier. For any other feedback or suggestions for the service contact,


Good Universities Guide Website Update

The Good Universities Guide has been revamped and they are seeking feedback on the site from students and careers advisers:


STEM Subjects – Why are they in Demand?


Medical Schools Around the World

Find and compare med schools around the world.


6 things to consider when picking a degree


This U.S. Government Website provides advice to students interested in applying to U.S. colleges and universities. Information includes how to apply, testing, financial aid, visas, and more. The U.S. Consulate General in Sydney has an EducationUSA Centre, and students, parents and career advisers can make appointments to visit the centre.


Changes to Police Officer Recruitment Process

The main changes to the recruitment process include no minimum academic requirement, introduction of a University Certificate in Workforce Essentials, the entrance exam is now known as the Police Entrance Exam, copies of transcripts and other mandatory documents need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace, online application via JobsNSW and a case office will contact applicants once applications are received.



Australian Defence Force Academy applications are now open for 2018. While this may seem like a long way away, the application process can take 3–12 months depending on your circumstances. To avoid having to do the application when you are busy with year 12 exams, think about starting your application soon!


Good Careers Guide

A resource that provides students and career advisers access to the relevant tools to explore career, education and employment options.
The 400+ job descriptions covered by the guide include information about personal requirements, education and training, employment opportunities and related jobs.


ATO Tax File Number Applications

A tax file number is a unique nine-digit number issued to individuals and organisations to help administer tax and other Australian Government systems. Students need a TFN before they can start any type of paid work.

For information on how to apply visit:


Charles Sturt University HSC Guide For Students

CSU have put together a comprehensive free website to help NSW senior students with their HSC. It includes lots of study guides, resources, and tips, as well as specific subject study information across English, Maths, Science, HSIE, PDHPE, Creative Arts, Technology and Languages (click here).

Smartphone Apps to Help with Studying

This article features some smartphone apps that can help students to improve their study habits.


Think Education Surviving Year 12 eBook
Think Education have produced a free eBook with tips on how to master your final year of school.


TSFX Exam/Study Tip 3 & 4


TSFX Edge Online

Edge Online is an online resource portal that provides exclusive resources designed to provide students with the best opportunities to optimise their Year 11 and 12 scores.

Edge Online members receive over $300 worth of resources at no charge.


TSFX: HSC Study Tips – Top Tips from Past Year 12 Students


Tips for note-taking


Staying calm under pressure


Gap Medics International Medical Work Experience

Shadow doctors, nurses, midwives or dentists in hospital for 1 – 8 weeks.


Premed Projects

Premed Projects provides opportunities for high school students planning on studying medicine, nursing, midwifery or dentistry to do hospital placement in the UK, India or Thailand. These projects provide students with the opportunity to see what working in a hospital is really like, and relevant work experience looks great on a med application! Students need to be 16 or older to participate.


Tips for volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to give to your community, meet interesting people, and learn new skills. It can also be a great way to get some experience on your resume before you get a job. Youth Central have some tips on finding a volunteering position and making sure you’re not being exploited in the role.


Christmas Jobs

If you are thinking of earning some cash over the Christmas period many organisations are conducting recruitment drives now. For example, Bonds stores are conducting interviews this month!  Take a look at:


Hot Courses Abroad

If you’re considering studying overseas, you can explore your options on this website.


Careers in Sport

This website is for anyone interested in a career in sport and fitness. There is information about recommended qualifications and pathways, along with a list of available positions and courses.


Where could STEM take you?


TSFX Free HSC Survival Guide

The School for Excellence (TSFX) have put together a 36 page guide to help year 12 students achieve the best possible marks in end of school exams. The guide has advice about goal setting, managing stress and procrastination, time management skills, effective learning techniques, planning study timetables and more.

Download it here:


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