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Senior and Junior Sport Fixtures, Results & Training Schedules

Training schedules, weekly fixtures and results for Waverley College Junior and Senior Sport.


Senior School - Saturday June 18th Fixtures: Download

Junior School - Saturday June 18, Round 7: Download

Junior School Winter Draw Term 2 & 3: Download

Junior School Round 6 Scores (4/6): Download


Training Schedule for Senior School Winter, 2022: Download

Junior School Winter Training Schedule Term 2 & 3, 2022: Download

2022 NSWCIS Calendar: Download

STUDY GROUP Scope and Sequence

Study Group Program 2022- Literacy Term 1: Download

Study Group Program 2022 - Numeracy: Download


Junior School Winter Maps (Venue Address List) : Download

Junior School Summer Maps (Venue Address List) : Download

Queens Park Winter Sport Map: Download

Queens Park Summer Sport Map: Download