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Social Justice

2017 SurfAid Cup

SurfAid Day at Manly 2017

From Head of Geography, Adam Wallington

SurfAid is a non government and not for profit humanitarian organisation which aims to improve the health, well-being and self-reliance of communities in remote geographical locations, connected through surfing.

Year 9 Geography students in 2017 study the variations in human wellbeing between and within countries. This year for the second time, five Waverley College students participated  in the Manly SurfAid Cup. Widely considered as the surfers’ charity of choice, SurfAid is supported by past and present surfing world champions. This year, the event raised a total of $238,000.00.


SurfAid at Manly, 2017

Adopting a hand up rather than a hand out approach, SurfAid in partnership with communities and government, work to prevent disease, suffering and death through educational programs which empower people.

Waverley College was the only SurfAid Cup school entry. Competing against corporate, other large business organisations and community groups Axel Ronow, Finn Filipek, Fin McClean, Krispin Tomac and Will Baker with the support of their families and friends raised a total of $1851.00. This sum of money goes a long way to supporting people in remote surfing communites; many of whom live on less than $1.50 per day.

A special thanks is extended to Mr John McCallum, Tevlin House and the College Executive for their support of this cause.

SurfAid at Manly 2017

Comments from the participants

It was a really fun experience competing against big corporations and surfing against pros. Even though we didn’t do as well as expected in our heat, we all had an amazing last day of term.

Krispin Tomac


The SurfAid Cup was an amazing experience. It allowed us to learn about the experiences and human well being of  the Mentawai Islander people as well as provide us with have a chance to give back. The competition was very fun and was a lovely day despite the lack of wave size.

Finn McClean