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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Head’s Message

A busy, productive term concludes

Graham Leddie

From Head of College, Graham Leddie

Term 3 has been exceptionally busy and productive at Waverley. I wish our Year 12 students all the best as they embark on their final study period before the HSC.  I have been impressed with their overall performance this year as a cohort that has grappled well with change and formed new traditions. I am sure both parents, staff and students are looking forward to an enjoyable and well deserved graduation day on Friday. With this end comes a new beginning for all of our students in Year 11 who will be expected to lead the College with passion and conviction for the next 12 months. Formal positions including Captains and Prefects will be announced on Friday, prior to the Graduation ceremony. Early Term 4 will see a leadership assembly take place that acknowledges all of the Senior Leaders, Prefects and Captains.



With two members of the executive away – Mr Patrick Brennan (EREA Immersion) and Mr Tony Moore (LSL) – I would like to thank and congratulate the following staff for acting in those positions, as well as other staff who have also stepped up as a result of these changes:

Ms Elizabeth Watson – Acting Deputy Head of College

Ms Martina Cooper – Acting Director of Personnel

Ms Lynsey Porter – Acting Director of Learning

Ms Angela Stanley – Acting Head of English

Ms Cath Stewart – Acting Head of Religious Education

We wish Ms Georgie Jeffries all the best as she takes maternity leave from Term 4. Ms Hilary de Joux will be taking her position for Term 4.

We also farewelled Ms Rosa Nunez of our Business Office last week who is relocating to Singapore in a new role.



Please have a conversation with your son about being mindful of his personal safety in public places. One of our Year 8 students was involved in a frightening incident this week whilst travelling to school on the 380 (North Bondi) bus. A man tried to first lure and then forcefully remove him from a bus against his will. Fortunately, he was able to seek assistance from other passengers and the bus driver. He stayed on the bus past his stop and then phoned for assistance. The Police have now arrested a person in relation to the incident. Our Year 8 student was very brave and acted with composure and presence of mind under difficult circumstances.

Please talk to your son about taking the following steps if he finds himself in a threatening situation:

  • seek help from others
  • always tell someone
  • call 000 immediately if in trouble
  • be aware of your surroundings and potential dangers
  • listen to your inner voice when something feels wrong
  • never get into a car with a stranger or go with a stranger even if they seem friendly.



Congratulations to our Cadet Unit on their Ceremonial and Valedictory Dinner. It was an impressive view seeing more than 300 Cadets in action at Queens Park last Sunday. There was certainly plenty of honour, commitment, discipline, camaraderie and service on display. A record 41 cadets and their parents shared a meal together at the Stamford Plaza to celebrate each student’s five years of service and development. Congratulations to Mr Anthony Evans who was recognised for his 40 years service to the Unit.


CAS Athletics Representatives

Congratulations to the following boys who were selected to represent the CAS at the NSWCIS carnival at SOPAC this week: Dane Towns (Y7), Remy Crompton-Lamb (Y8) , Kurt Kress (Y8), Matthew Chapman (Y9), Alex Talbot (Y9), Charles McGrath (Y11), Barnaby Bickmore-Hutt (Y11), Jack Hardwicke-Owen (Y11), Declan Stupak-Horgan (Y12), Dylan Quirk (Y12) and Tyler von der Heyden (Y12).



During late August Sam Jagoe-Fisher (Y10) was selected as one of six referees for the NSW PSSA Rugby Union State Carnival. Congratulations to Sam who was named as most improved referee for the tournament.


Holiday Sporting competitions/teams

Good Luck to any students participating in holidays sports competitions or teams.

Mac Jenkins will be heading to Queensland next week to compete in the National Under 17 Cricket Championships as Captain of the Australian Under 16 team. We wish him well.



All boys in Years 5 to 10 should be aiming to read one book these holidays. The benefits of reading are well documented and pay large dividends in the senior years when time is short. Please encourage your son to fit one book into what I hope will be a restful and safe time for all students.