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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Confirmation, Male Image Seminars and Conlon House Mass

From the Director of Mission, Phil Davis


The tradition for Confirmation has always been to receive the sacrament in the person’s parish of worship.  The 2018 Confirmation programme offered at Waverley Junior School is for students who are members of St Charles Borromeo Parish, Mary Immaculate Church, Waverley. This is for students who live within the parish boundaries and identify as members of this parish. For enrolment forms and further information, please contact Mr Davis (Senior College) and Mr Ghattas (Junior School) .

Please note the following dates regarding Confirmation:

Parent Evening- Term Two, Week 1-  2nd May at St Charles’ School Hall at 7pm.

Commitment Mass- Term Two, Week 2- Thursday 10th May at 6.30pm for all participants.

Confirmation Mass – Sunday 17th June, 12.30pm, St Mary’s Cathedral


Raising Teens/Male Image: Parent Evening

“At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address such issues as sex, pornography, dating and relationships there is a huge amount parents can do.”

David Kobler,

On Tuesday Evening 27 March, 6.30pm-8.00pm, Mr David Kobler  from Your Choicez will be speaking to parents about raising teenagers and the pressures associated with social media.  This will take place in the Br R J Wallace Performing Arts Centre (PAC) and is open to parents from all year groups. You need to book on the  EVENTS PAGE

As the area of male Image and male role modelling will be an important part of this discussion, it is important that a good number of Dads make it a priority to attend this Parent Evening!

Year 11 students will be addressed by Mr Kobler also on Tuesday 27 March during Periods 1-6 in a Seminar for Young Men. Mr Kobler will cover male image, relationships, and the harmful effects of pornography during this seminar.


Conlon House Mass

Last Friday, 9th March, 2018, the Conlon House Mass, was celebrated by College Chaplain Fr Bernie Thomas ofm . The Gospel (Matthew 9:18-19, 23-26), which was acted out by Conlon SRC students, mirrored the message Speak through Action, the theme which our Year 12 Leaders have chosen for 2018. Conlon Prefect of Spirituality, Jonathon Schacht connected this theme with life at Waverley College in his Reflection.

Other features of this Mass included the Entry Procession and Gospel Procession, while the Communion Reflection Song If You’re Out There by John Legend aptly connected to the idea that actions speak louder than words. I would like to thank the staff and students responsible for the organisation and specific roles during the Mass. I would also like to thank MS O’Sullivan, Head of Conlon House, for her assistance, as well as the many parents who attended the Conlon House Mass. The next House Mass is the Green House Mass, Friday 6th April, 8.00am in the College Chapel

Below is Conlon Prefect of Spirituality, Jonathon Schacht’s Reflection:

Today I invite you to reflect on the Gospel and the readings, to inherit some ideas on how you, as Colon students, may benefit from these words.

Edmund Rice in the first reading had a deep desire to help the poor, rough boys of Waterford. His dream then turned into reality through his actions. For all of us, we can all have a dream. That is free. We can tell everyone about the dream. That is free also. But to achieve our dreams or our goals we must find strength to do.

As Waverley College students we are very fortunate that we can dream big.

We can dream about a variety of things whether it be on the sporting pitch or aspiring for a personal best in the classroom. We can talk all about these dreams but if we do not do, these dreams stay dreams.

In the Gospel, we see Jesus bring someone back from the dead. While those who witnessed this would have been amazed, there was a period of ridicule from those standing around. Despite their judgement, Jesus is able to bring the child back to life anyway.

The actions and ideas of Jesus are applicable in our lives also, as we must put aside the preconceived idea of what we believe is impossible, to make the impossible, possible. We must also push aside those who may doubt us and may potentially stop us from having a try. Jesus “speaks through action” by acting despite ridicule, and this results in the child coming back to life.

It is not only Jesus who is the hero in the Gospel. The leader of the synagogue doesn’t just hope Jesus will cure his child, but actually goes and finds Jesus. He doesn’t just ask Jesus for help, he leads him back. Action.

Overall, today’s readings link to this year’s theme of “Speak through Action.”

Don’t just talk about what you’re ‘going’ to do… actually do it.

If you see a boy in your year sitting alone at lunch, do you go and sit next to him? Or do you snigger to your mates and keep on walking. If your class mate has no lunch, do you lend him money, or do you go on to the tuck shop and bye yourself something extra.

Actions really do speak louder than words. Take that extra step and challenge the possibilities of your own limitations and be the change that you want to see, just as Jesus did.