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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


EREA Women Leaders, behaviour & cultural change

Centenary Building

From the Deputy Head of College, Patrick Brennan

National EREA Women in Leadership Conference

Last week a number of Waverley’s teacher staff attended EREA’s Women in Leadership Conference in Melbourne including Mr Graham Leddie (Head of College), Ms Elizabeth Watson (Director of Curriculum), Ms Lynsey Porter (Head of English), Ms Martina Cooper (Head of Religion) and myself.

The College values and support various initiatives that have been developed to affirm and challenge women who aspire to leadership. Our aim has always been to provide opportunities for women to access and engage with presenters who are highly regarded in leadership development.

Across the College, Waverley has a number of women in key leadership roles including the Director of the Pre School, two Heads of House, six Heads of Department and our Director of Curriculum who also sits on the College Leadership Team.

With a captive audience of 1400 boys, it’s important that we send a clear message of gender equality to our community in terms of employment potential and career development of all individuals within our organisation.


Positive Behaviour at Westfield’s Bondi Junction

Recently I met with the Senior Risk and Security Manager at Westfield’s Bondi Junction, Mr Yigal Shirin.

Whilst pleased with the many interactions his team have with students from the College, it was a good opportunity to ensure our boys are engaging in the highest levels of behaviour whilst visiting this precinct after school.

Mr Shirin then demonstrated to me the sophisticated CCTV facilities at the centre which reinforced that any anti-social or illegal activities of a visitor at the centre are most likely captured permanently on one of their cameras.

It’s important that all boys at the College are aware of this and indeed their rights and responsibilities when visiting Westfield’s Bondi Junction:


Cultural Change Continues

A sincere thanks to all parents for their support of the ongoing changes at the College. The College relies on parents as an important part of the partnership needed to achieve optimal educative outcomes for their sons.

Last Friday’s uniform check after school identified fewer than ten boys out of uniform. This is a significant improvement in a short period of time and sends a positive message to the community in terms of the great things happening at the College. These checks will continue until the end of winter. I thank parents for ensuring their sons are in full winter uniform (including a blazer and tie).

Staff and students know that boys are expected to follow all fair and reasonable requests from a member of staff. I thank parents for supporting this clear strategy. All boys have the right to speak with me if they believe a request is unfair but my expectation is that they respect the teacher’s request first, then see me if clarification is required.

Have a great break and I look forward to working with your sons in the Term Three.