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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

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Week 5 of Winter Activities

1sts AFL, Football and Rugby

Unfortunately, the weather continues to impact our winter season, with a number of games washed out last weekend. We did play some fixtures, and it was great to see our 1sts AFL, Football and Rugby all have impressive wins against strong opponents.

Thank you to the supporters and students who attended a number of these matches. Just a reminder that any Waverley student in attendance at any venue, whether it is home or away, must be in full sport attire or College uniform.

13D, E and F Rugby

I also watched our 13D, E and F Rugby teams on Saturday, who were all outstanding, and represented the College to a very high standard.

Congratulations, 13E Rugby

Congratulations, 13E Rugby

Co-curricular Expectations for Parents and Students

Disappointingly, there were a number of students who chose not to attend their Football fixtures last Saturday at Barker, despite all notices clearly stating these matches were on. All students must meet their Co-curricular requirements for training and games, and the College also has a commitment to other CAS schools in terms of fielding teams. Any absence due to illness on a Saturday will require medical certificates as per College policy.

I also want to remind all parents of expectations at training and games in regards to communication with staff and coaches. Parents are asked to please remain at a distance at all training sessions, to allow coaches to do their jobs effectively. Speaking to coaches or staff whilst a fixture is on, is also a breach of CAS Codes of Conduct. If there are any issues or concerns, I would request that you only contact the convenor of that activity or myself, after the session or fixture.


We continue to celebrate individuals who represent the College at a high standard. Congratulations to the following students on their representative selections and high performances in the community:


  • Kai Jones – CAS / CIS and SEHA
  • Xavier Scally – CAS / CIS and SEHA
  • Jack Ryan – CAS / CIS and SEHA
Congratulations, CAS Hockey Reps

Congratulations, CAS Hockey Reps

Congratulations, SEHA Hockey Reps

Congratulations, SEHA Hockey Reps

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

  • Max Yuen – State Champs, 2nd place
Congratulations, Max Yuen

Congratulations, Max Yuen

NSW CIS U15 Rugby League

  • Josh Ballard, Jai Brodie, Riley Donohoe, James Finegan, Brooklyn Heath, Tom McKenna, Henry Parkes.

Check the Fixtures!

Please ensure all students know when and where they are playing this week, and that we continue to meet all expectations and required codes of conduct.


Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular