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From the Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

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Summer Co-curricular Captains and 1sts Teams

This week we celebrated the presentation of the Summer Co-curricular Captains and 1sts Teams. Waverley College has a broad program that enables students to demonstrate their strengths in both cultural and sporting pursuits. All of the College’s activities are highly valued and need to be supported.

Well done to the following students on their selections and appointments:

  • Captain of Diving: Drew Devereux
  • Captain of Swimming: Jack Kerves
  • Captain of Sailing: James Birbas
  • Captain of Mountain Biking: Jamie Vanderkemp
  • Captain of Public Speaking: James Peate
  • Captain of Judo: Robbie Muir
  • Co-Captains of Music: Zachary Hodges and Campbell Porteous

1st IV Tennis

  • Oscar Wilson (captain)
  • Oliver Stewart
  • Max Gregson
  • Edward Donnelly

1st XI Cricket

  • Captain of Cricket: Matthew Frost
  • 1st XI Cricket Captain: Hunter Eldridge
  • Charles Coughlan
  • Jack George
  • Josh Goraya
  • William Livissianis
  • Jonathon McDonald
  • Toby McDonald
  • Joe Packington
  • Henry Read
  • Lucas Ryan
  • Aarush Soni
  • Ben Van Dam

1st V Basketball

  • Captain of Basketball: Flynn Busteed
  • 1st V Basketball Captain: James Dyson Merwe
  • Jack Anasson
  • Eden Byrd
  • Tashi Harrison
  • Sergej Jakovljevic
  • Ehren Little
  • Xavier Miconi
  • Angus Peshos
  • Aren Yaghoubian

1sts Water Polo

  • Captain of Water Polo: Sonny Mori
  • 1sts Water Polo Captain: Tristan Lee
  • Lincoln Tanner
  • Aiden Lee
  • Jack Kerves
  • Joshua Lewis
  • Sean Foley
  • Cooper Gee
  • Kai McDermott
  • Eamon Jeffs
  • Oakley Lamb
  • Lucas Dubois
  • Max Dent

1sts Touch Football

  • 1sts Touch Football Captain: Riley Donohoe
  • Cooper Taylor
  • Lachlan Algie
  • Asher Thomasyu
  • Vidar Sundkvist
  • King Manu
  • Joseph Vonwiller
  • Sunny Steyn
  • Peyton Tarau
  • Louis Johns
  • Kai Towns

Best Wishes for this Weekend

We have our first full round this weekend with a number of teams already also completing their first round last weekend.

Our 1st XI Cricket had a great away win against Barker with Aarush Suni taking 5/25, and our 2nd XI Cricket also securing a famous last ball victory.

Best wishes to all activities this weekend.