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From the Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

Fixtures, Training Schedules and Maps

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New Tackle Height Rugby Law for 2024

Well done to all players, staff, coaches and parents/carers on a positive first full round last weekend against Barker. Our Year 7 Water Polo Team were outstanding and a three quarters of our Basketball teams all recorded victories over the weekend.

In 2024, Rugby Australia and World Rugby are implementing a specific new rule change around tackle heights in all community rugby, including in schools. The new law is that all contact must be below the bottom of the sternum and this has been successfully implemented in other countries such as New Zealand, that has seen a reduction in concussions by 30%.

We will ensure that all of our rugby coaches, as well as players, are trained and prepared for the season with this new law. For any significant change in a law within a sport there will be a period of adjustment, however, any positive change that will keep players safer around concussion is something that we definitely support. We would also ask that all players and parents/carers in rugby make themselves familiar with this new law.

We will also still follow the Rugby Australia concussion protocols for ALL of our activities. This includes 19 days of no sport or training and medical certificate clearance before returning to any matches or training. If any student suffers a concussion in an external club game it is also imperative the College is informed of this, to ensure student welfare and safety.

1st Rugby V Newington

Summer Activity Photos – Senior School Teams

Next week we are also taking our summer activity photos for the Senior School teams. All students need to be in correct summer playing attire and these photos will be taken on the Birrell Street Basketball courts as per the schedule published.

Please note that Water Polo teams will be in PE attire and the Swimming and Diving squad photos will be taken on the day of the CAS championships on Thursday, 14 March 2024. We will also be sending Years 8 and 11 to the CAS Swimming and Diving championships on this day for compulsory supporters duty.

The College uniform requirements can be found on pages 39-40 of the College Diary.

View the Summer Sports Photos timetable HERE.

2024 House Swimming Carnival

In 2024 we will also hold our House Swimming Carnival at the College and this will be split over two days.

  • Years 7-9: Thursday, 29 February 2024
  • Years 10-12 on Friday, 1 March 2024.

We will send out more information closer to this date.

Best wishes to all activities this weekend.

House Swimming Carnival

House Swimming Carnival in 2023


Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular


Captains of Basketball Report

1sts V

On Saturday, the 1st’s V Basketball team faced off against Barker. Unfortunately, Waverley came up short against Barker, falling 119-97, in a disappointing loss for the players.

The players were led and motivated throughout the game by Eden Byrd’s shooting and scoring ability, which kept them in the game whilst Barker had a lead early. After Barker’s early lead, the 1sts were able to chip away at the score and eventually bring it down to only a 9-point deficit, however as this happened, Barker picked up the intensity on defence, and was able to force a lot of turnovers from Waverley to raise the deficit to 40 points. The boys never stopped fighting however, and managed to cut the lead down to 22 points, in a loss where the offence did very well, however, their defence let them down.

The 1sts record now drops to 2-4 as they hope to bounce back next week against another tough opponent in Knox Grammar.

1st V Basketball V Barker

1st V Basketball V Barker

1st V Basketball V Barker

1st V Basketball V Barker

2nds V

The Waverley 2nds come into the second half of the CAS season with a record of 4-1 and in the fight to win the competition. They faced off against Barker, who they suffered their only loss to last year, and were hoping to get revenge.

The game started with an early lead for Barker, the Waverley boys were unable to match their intensity as they jumped to a 10-point lead. As the game progressed the score went back and forth but remained at the 10-point margin. As the fourth quarter went on, Barker stretched their lead to 15 and things were looking bleak for the Waverley boys.

With the efforts from the likes of Giles Strachan, Hudson Hatchett and Renato Rovacchi, the 2nds were able to reel in the deficit, making the game go down to the wire. Unfortunately, the deficit was too big to come back from, and the 2nds suffered their second loss of the season, 43-41.

The 2nds record now falls to 4-2, and they will have to win the rest of their games this season to have a chance at winning the competition. They hope to work towards this starting next week against Knox Grammar.


The 10As come into this round with an undefeated record of 5-0, and they hope to continue this undefeated streak against a tough Barker opponent. Waverley’s leaders stood up for them this game led by Nico Palacio’s tenacity on defence, Jonte Garvey’s rebounding and finishing, and Francesco Scarpa’s scoring in the post. They were able to beat Barker convincingly with a 43-23 win where defence was the standout for the team.


The 9As played a tough Barker team. The team played a strong game, however Barker was able to outmatch them. They were led by Oli Lau and Malachai Rangan, as they unfortunately lost 51-37. 


The 8As had a close game against Barker, resulting in a 12-point loss that was fought hard until the end by the players. The final result was 44-32 to Barker. Charlie Gibbins’s speed and Max Malley’s defence were able to keep Waverley 8As in the game, but unfortunately, they were unable to pull through with the victory.


Coming into their first game in high school, the 7As played an exceptional game of Basketball, winning by 5 points, with the final result 46-41. Right from the tip-off the players played with all their hearts, diving for every loose ball. Remy Garvey and Lachie Lever helped them get their first win in high school.


Mr Anthony Gibbs

Convenor of Basketball