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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

World Teachers’ Day

At Waverley we celebrate World Teachers’ Day and World Support Staff Day on the same day. Teachers are an essential service of a progressive society and Support Staff enable the very art of teaching and learning to be able to take place. 

The book The Courage to Teach by Parker J Palmer, has influenced many who work in education over the years in many countries. I believe the book’s success is because Palmer articulates the importance of the heart in the work of all staff who work in a school.

‘Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique but is rooted in the identity and integrity of the teacher. Good teaching takes a myriad of forms but good teachers share one trait: they are authentically present in the classroom, deeply connected with their students and their subject. These connections are held in the teacher’s heart — the place where intellect, emotion, and spirit converge in the human self.’ (Parker J Palmer)

One positive that has come out of the global pandemic is a greater appreciation for teachers and schools and the incredibly important work that they undertake. It is their professional skill and expertise as well as their care, passion and compassion that helps to make the school what it is. What greater task is there, than to be part of a partnership with parents to help mould the next generation, to learn from our mistakes and make the world a better place? 

Thank you to the Parents’ Association for supplying morning tea for all staff as a welcome back to face-to-face teaching last week. Thank you in particular to Jade Stapleton for organising and Naomi and Greg Isaac for catering and creating such a wonderful spread. The teachers were appreciative of this very kind gesture. 

Year 12 Final Week 

We farewelled our Year 12 2021 cohort today and wished them all the very best as they embark on their next and final steps in their schooling journey, a final week of study, and then the HSC starting on 9 November. For others, back to apprenticeships that they have already started. 

The 2021 Year 12 cohort have gone about their business in leading this great College with selflessness, poise and grace in response to the realisation that when tested by those things greater than ourselves, it is your integrity and generosity that serves you best. They have been resilient and every time they have been tested, they have stood up taller and looked after their peers and the rest of the College. What has been most powerfully presented to them, is that there is great security in working together, finding gratitude in the small things and hanging on when times are tough. I believe that this pandemic has confirmed the value of community mindedness and strengthened the unity of this class. 

They have taught us too that their cohort accepts and understands that some change is inevitable and builds character, but equally importantly, they have reminded us that the determination to support others, and to be guided by who you are and not what happens around you, is what it means to be strong. Such conviction stands one in good stead as you take the next steps of your life and prepare for the journey ahead. May their travels be affirmed by the good that has come from their experience and informed by the Values that the College espouses to live by. May they find a life grounded in Virtus Sola Nobilitat – ‘Virtue is its own reward’.  

Congratulations Gentlemen, thank you and God Bless.

Correct Student Mask Wearing is Mandatory

Thank you to all students who are routinely wearing their masks correctly and thank you to parents for reinforcing this. The safety of students and staff is our number one priority and we all need to practice COVID-safe habits including mandatory mask behaviour. Unfortunately, this week staff have given me feedback that many students are misplacing their masks or wearing broken masks whilst at College. Staff have needed to hand out disposable masks to these students. I urge parents who have not done so already, to please organise a reusable mask for your son/s which is clearly labelled with their name/s. Please assist us to reinforce this to help build responsible habits in your sons. 

Launch of Creative Arts Showcase!

Today we are excited to launch the collaborative Creative Arts Showcase of Higher School Certificate Bodies of Work from Drama, Music, TAS and Visual Arts. Our inspiring online gallery allows our student works and performances to be shared with our wider College community, celebrating student achievement in the Creative Arts in what has been a difficult year for our senior students.

The Year 12 cohort of 2021 have developed a degree of adaptability in overcoming adversity in completing their major projects. I congratulate the students of Design and Technology, Drama, Industrial Technology Multimedia and Timber, Music and Visual Arts for their dedication to their studies. Each project has been the culmination of in-depth research, testing of materials, media and processes and carefully manufactured using contemporary or traditional techniques. Each student’s work reflects their incredible dedication to mastering their selected skills and working progressively throughout the year to develop and refine their process in their field.

Along with deepening their subject knowledge, students have taken advantage of rich opportunities to express their creativity. They have developed competencies in planning, project management, communication, persistence and perseverance, whilst supported by our outstanding teaching and support staff. 

I am proud to present these exceptional works across all subjects and encourage you to view them through our vivid Creative Arts Showcase microsite:  

>>> Click here to view our Creative Arts Showcase microsite.

A Much-Awaited Return of Co-curricular!

Earlier this week, the NSW Premier announced that schools are permitted to return to some school co-curricular and sporting activities from Monday, 1 November. There are some very important COVID-safe regulations around this, however, the College is excited that all students in Years 5-11 will be able to start a modified Summer program for four weeks during Term 4.

Modified Training Plan for Safety and Wellbeing

The importance for students’ wellbeing, and re-establishing some of the connections that have been missing, is a vital part of the return to school activities. We have modified the training plan for the next couple of weeks to keep students within their year cohorts as much as possible, whilst still providing some physical activity opportunities. As there will be a number of students who have had limited time to be as active as normal, we will continue to provide activities for prehabilitation and general fitness in terms of preventing injury and in preparation for a CAS / IPSHA season in Term 1, 2022.

Cadet Parades to Safely Recommence

COVID-safe Cadet parades will recommence from next Friday, and will include cohort separation and the presentation of Rank appointments. 

Internal Training, Saturday Trials and Student Vaccination Status

The first two weeks of activities in Term 4 will involve internal training and two Saturdays of trials. There is a possibility that we will then play two friendly CAS rounds against St Aloysius and Cranbrook on both Saturday 20 and 27 November in Basketball, Cricket and Tennis. If these two friendly rounds occur, mandated restrictions require that any inter-school sporting activities for any students 16 years or older, will need to QR Code on entry to any venue and also display proof of vaccination.

If there are any students who do not meet this criteria, they will not be permitted to play inter-school sport until 2022, however, they are still permitted to train and trial within their own school teams. The College encourages any student who is able to be vaccinated to please do this and email proof of their vaccination to Ms Adele Cutbush, College Nurse.


Waverley College COVID-19 Protocols — Staff and Students

Following are a number of other specific COVID-19 protocols that the College will have in place to ensure that staff and students are kept as safe as possible: 

  • If any staff member or student is not feeling well, they must not attend College or training, and must seek a COVID-19 test.
  • Any staff member or student who is waiting on a COVID-19 test result must isolate until receiving the result.
  • All staff and coaches must be double vaccinated to work within a school setting.
  • Venue capacities will be limited to allow for appropriate social distancing, and at this stage, parents and spectators will not be permitted to attend at any venue.
  • Regular use of hand sanitiser and disinfecting of all used equipment and surfaces will occur.
  • Face masks will need to be worn at all times unless participating in vigorous physical activity.
  • Any indoor areas being used for activities will have appropriate ventilation measures in place.

>>> Click here to view all of the guidelines from NSW Health and NSW Department of Education.

Training Program

Please see our Director of Co-curricular’s article for the training program to commence from next week:

>>> Click here to view the article by Mr Steve O’Donnell.

If there are queries please email Mr Steve O’Donnell.


Junior School Return to Sport: Internal Training and Internal Saturday Matches

As sport returns for the Senior School, so it does for the Junior School at the beginning of Week 6 (Monday, 1 November). Sport will take place across Weeks 6, 7 and 8 of Term 4 with training resuming in a modified format of one session per week.

Summer Sporting Teams Adjustment, Training Schedule and Co-Curricular Draw

All Summer sporting teams have been adjusted to split all teams into year groups, to meet the current government safety restrictions and guidelines. This could mean that your son is now in a different team to the team in which he was placed in Term 1. Please reinforce to your son that this isn’t anything to do with performance, and only due to the current restrictions and guideline changes necessary to keep students safe. 

All students will be informed of their Year 5 or Year 6 team and also their training schedule this Friday during Year group sports meetings. The most updated Term 4 Training Schedule and Saturday Draw has been included below for your further understanding of adjustments made. 

>>> Click here to view the Junior School Term 4 Training Schedule.

>>> Click here to view the Junior School Term 4 Summer Co-curricular Draw.

Saturday Internal Matches

There will only be three Saturday rounds of internal matches, taking place on November 6, 13 and 20. Some Cricket and Touch Football teams incur a bye due with an odd number of teams for that year group, as teams can only compete against their own year group.

Coach Changes

Due to the long lasting lockdown, the coaches for each team will appear very different to Term 1. Unfortunately, Term 1 coaches have either moved on or are unable to commit to this short period of coaching. As there has been a quick turnaround to get the season up and running, there is the possibility that external coaches may vary between trainings and Saturday games. Please understand that these adjustments are necessary to help our students get back to enjoying sport after such a challenging time for all.

During the time that sport begins, Mr Jack Wachtel, Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Years 5-8, will not be contactable for all of Week 6 as he is on leave and getting married during this time. Please refer any questions or concerns you may have to: 

  1. Mr Steve O’Donnell: 
  2. Mr Steve Wilmot: