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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School – Week 2

Reese Araujo Director of JS Day

Reese Araujo Director of JS Day

Reese Araujo Director of JS Day

Reese Araujo Director of JS Day

Diary Dates

Please find below key event dates you need to be aware of for the Junior School in Term 4. For all of the College events, please refer to the College calendar. 


  • Wednesday, 26 October – Year 5 Y-Safe Presentation – Normal Uniform 
  • Thursday, 27 October – Year 6 Y-Safe Presentation – Normal Uniform 


  • Tuesday, 8 November – Year 6 Orientation Day – Senior School – Sports Uniform
  • Thursday, 17 November – Junior School Music Festival, PAC, 6pm – select students 
  • Saturday, 19 November – Final Summer Co-Curricular round of sport
  • Friday, 25 November – Year 6 Graduation Mass – 1pm – Followed by a BBQ at Coogee organised by Class Parents 
  • Friday, 25 November – Reports Home
  • Monday, 28 November – Year 6 Laptop Return 
  • Tuesday, 29 November – Year 6 Celebration – Raging Waters 


  • Thursday, 1 December – Years 5-8 Presentation Day – Academic Uniform 
  • Thursday, 1 December – Classes Conclude 


Today we had the pleasure of Reese Araujo leading the Junior School as the Director. Reese won this privilege through his incredible fundraising efforts at our Junior School Fun Run.

Our day began with an Assembly, where the teachers faced off in a game of Three Second Rule – Congratulations to Mr Steve Ghattas who received two release periods for taking out the competition. 

The students enjoyed being able to wear mufti, which included some very colourful costumes. An ice block, a free period, and a session where they wrote kind affirmations to teachers, all contributed to making it such a great day. 

Probably the biggest decision Reese made was No Homework – Week 3. I have to say, this was probably one of his most popular calls on the day! 

*There will be no Home Learning Club in Week 3.


Reese Araujo

Director of Junior School 


Curriculum News

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break. We have a very full and busy term ahead, which will include being able to celebrate your son’s academic achievements. This is also an important term with Semester 2 reports going home towards the end of term.

We will continue to motivate our students to keep working hard to achieve their goals, and to reach their full learning potential. Our students will be very busy with Summer sports starting, so it is important that you help your sons manage their time, and plan the week ahead to incorporate a balanced approach to training, home learning and assignments. 

Below is the Curriculum Overview for Term 4. You will be able to see what your son will be learning in the classroom. It is clearly set out so that you can see the subject and the topics being taught across the curriculum. 

2022 Year 5 Curriculum Overview

2022 Year 6 Curriculum Overview


Ms Gabrielle Bransby

Assistant Director of Junior School/Curriculum



Year 6 Graduation – Friday, 25 November 2022 – Save the Date!

Year 6 2022 Graduation Invitation

Request for Photos Please

As part of the Year 6 Graduation, I will be putting together a slideshow presentation. I would be very appreciative if you could send through a photo of your son’s Kindergarten photo (or their first day of Kindergarten, or similar), as this will form part of the presentation.

Please email your labelled photo to by no later than Friday Week 5. Picture format as a jpeg or png files would be preferred. Please do not send through pdf files.

Thank you.


Mr Steve Ghattas

Assistant Director of Identity & Student Formation



Summer Co-Curricular Sport

It was a picturesque day for our first round of Term 4 Summer sport last Saturday. Thank you to all parents who took on board the parent support announcement, it was wonderful to see and hear the amount of support given to our coaches. It was equally pleasing to see our students running around enjoying themselves, with zero chance of weather interruptions and ground closures. 

Please click the button below to ensure you are up to date with fixtures and venue maps for Round 8 (Saturday, 22 October). Keep a close eye on the Waverley College app for any further adjustments due to weather conditions or ground closures.

Sporting Fixtures and Venue Maps

External Sporting Achievements

Wizards Basketball team

Congratulations to the Wizards Basketball team who were runners up in the grand final for Easts Basketball League 12A’s Season 3 2022, which was played on the last weekend of school/first weekend of the holidays.

Congratulations, Wizards Basketball Team

Congratulations, Wizards Basketball Team: Hugo Murphy, Charlie Gibbins, Ben Fernandez, Nico Peshos, Max Tuffs, Max Malley, Henry O’Donnell, Levi Dunbavin

Junior Australian Oztag Championships

Congratulations to Kalan Fisher, Hunter Leondis and Jackson MacAskill for representing the East Coast Orcas at the Junior Australian Oztag Championships in Coffs Harbour. The boys played 7 games over 3 days, making it to the Quarter Finals.

Junior Australian Oztag Championships

Junior Australian Oztag Championships


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director of Co-curricular (Years 5-8)



News from 6 Indigo and Mr Ghattas


This term in English our topic is ‘Life is an Adventure.’ Throughout this Unit, the students will be immersing themselves in a variety of short stories across all different media, from written texts to stop motion films.

The students have already shared funny and scary experiences in their own lives, from encounters with sharks and stingrays, to adventures and mishaps whilst away overseas.

They moved on to reading short texts from various authors, worked in pairs to create their own short stories, and combined that with an illustration to match. I look forward to seeing their own stop motion animations that they will create towards the end of the term.

A Short Story by Jonah Nioplias and Ben Fernandes

Hi, My name is Jonah. Jonah Fernandes. And my dog, Bijúzz, has taken my sock. She does this all the time. I am currently chasing her up and down the hallway of my house, absolutely exhausted and fed up with it.

I felt like I was about to pass out and suddenly I stepped in something wet, sticky and chunky. It had a familiar stench of leftover barbecue from last night. It was VOMIT!! With my sock in it. I looked around and Bijúzz was nowhere to be seen, then suddenly I saw her sitting in my bedroom gnawing on my mum’s brand new, fresh out of the box, 100 billion dollar Gucci high heels! 

OH NO! I thought to myself. OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! I ran up to her and “Bijúzz!” I yelled, ripping the shoe out of her mouth. After I had taken the shoe out of her mouth, they had been covered and saturated in dog slobber and dug in with teeth marks. There was only one solution to this unfixable problem. It had to be the… Reverse Bot 2000! It had been sitting under the stairs collecting dust, so today was the right time to use it. Once I had opened the door, its eyes lit up in all its glory, waiting for this moment for an eternity. By a simple click of a button the machine reversed back all the way to five minutes ago.

I had sped up into my mum’s room and grabbed the heels. Bijúzz was right behind my tail ready to intercept them. I had made a tumble roll and had the heels in my grasp. I had got them! But then, I heard the creak of my house’s front door open. The only way to act this out was to- “Hi, darling. Why are you wearing my new heels?” 

“I was just playing dress up.” “Ok. They look nice on you.” “Thanks, mum.”  

Short story illustration



The culmination of 6 Indigo’s Science unit on ‘Sustainable Citizens’ was to design and create a game for a younger person. All students were engaged throughout the design process and finally got the chance to put their games into action.

A lot of excitement could be seen and heard as they challenged each other to friendly competition. Well done to all boys on completing this project with the notion of using recycled materials at the forefront of their design. 






Mr Steve Ghattas

Classroom Teacher 6 Indigo