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Junior School – Week 9

It is hard to believe we are close to the end of Term 1. It has been another busy week here in the Junior School with the major highlights being Open Classrooms with so many parents/carers excited to be in their son’s classrooms and some very happy students.

We also had the amazing workshop that celebrated the Jewish festival of Passover. The students were taught how to make their very own hand-made Matzah and the story of Passover. Matzah is a traditional bread of faith and its message is an integral part of the morals and beliefs within Judaism. It was a wonderful experience for our boys as they were able to immerse themselves in learning about another religion and culture.  

WriteOn Competition 2023

If your son is looking for some extra inspiration over the next few weeks or holiday period, please direct him to this competition. 

WriteOn is an annual writing competition open to all NSW primary students in Years 1 to 6. Students compose an imaginative text of up to 500 words, using the below image as the stimulus.

WriteOn competition

This competition provides students with the opportunity to become published authors and showcase their creativity. 

Entries are due to me by Week 6, Term 2.


Ms Gaby Bransby

Director of the Junior School


Mother’s Day Mass at Mary Immaculate Church, Friday, 12 May, 12pm

The celebration of mothers, grandmothers and significant others in the lives of our Waverley College Students, will be celebrated on Friday, 12 May at 12pm (Week 3, Term 2). This will be at Mary Immaculate Church followed by a light lunch at the Junior School.  

>>> Click here to view the invitation and to RSVP.

Part of the celebration will include a slideshow. Please send through a photo of your son(s) with their mothers/grandmothers if you would like a photo included in this presentation.

Please email photos to

Confirmation at Mary Immaculate Church

For parents/carers seeking information regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation, it is important that you contact your local parish to find out the details regarding when the Sacrament will be celebrated, and when the preparation classes will be held.

For students who attend St Charles Borromeo Parish (Mary Immaculate Church) and attend Waverley College, the Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday, 19 June at 2pm.

Please be aware that the Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated each year, therefore only Year 6 students will be enrolled to receive the Sacrament.

View the boundary map below to see if you are within the parish boundary.

Boundary map

Click the button below for further information, important dates and to register your son to receive this Sacrament.

Click here to view the Sacrament of Confirmation form

Edmund Rice Activity Day – Friday, 5 May

On Friday, 5 May, the Junior School will participate in their Annual Edmund Rice Activity Day, which explores the life of the Founder of the Christian Brothers, Blessed Edmund Rice. Throughout the day, the students will participate in a variety of in-class activities as well as fun games at lunchtime to raise money for Edmund Rice Camps.

We will have a guest speaker during assembly who will highlight the wonderful work that Edmund Rice Camps do to help underprivileged children.  

At lunchtime, there will be a Sausage Sizzle sale.

Click here to assist with catering and for payment

We look forward to celebrating a wonderful day.

Pantry 4 the People – Initiative by James Draper 6 Indigo

James Draper in 6 Indigo would love anyone who could assist in bringing in chocolate eggs for Easter for a worthy cause ‘Pantry 4 the People.’

‘Pantry 4 the People’s is a non-profit organisation established by Rachael Smith, a Waverley mum, for the less fortunate. Rachael created the Pantry 4 the People in 2021 to assist those struggling during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

It operates on the motto: “Take what you need, Give what you can” whereby a waterproof ‘pantry’ has been set up at 1555 Botany Road, Botany, and people donating are encouraged to leave non-perishable goods and ‘staple’ foods, and those in need can help themselves to the items in the pantry.

If you can assist, please bring chocolate eggs to the Reception by Wednesday.

Big Brother Little Brother – Session 2

On Tuesday, the Year 5 and Year 10 students were involved in a very successful Big Brother Little Brother session. They participated in Rock and Water activities designed to build respect, trust and resilience from their respective partners.

They were spoken to about the importance of friendship and then demonstrated ways in which they could support one another, even if they felt they were not big enough or strong enough.

They were also encouraged to think about the times in their lives where they need to be strong and supportive, and other times where they need to let things go and learn not to let the little things bother them.

It was great to see the connections between the ‘brothers’ build during this session and we look forward to the activities in Term 2.

Big Brother Little Brother

Big Brother Little Brother

Big Brother Little Brother

Big Brother Little Brother


Mr Steve Ghattas

Assistant Director of Junior School / Identity & Student Formation


Open Classrooms

From Ms Stephens

It was so wonderful to have so many parents/carers join us on campus for Open Classrooms this week. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to hear and see some of the learning that has been happening this Term.

Waverley is a very busy school with so many opportunities on offer. It is fantastic to be able to celebrate the academics and incredible learning that is happening every day in our classrooms. We hope, for those who did attend, that you enjoyed your son sharing their learning with you. 

Open classroom

Open classroom

Open classrooms

Open classrooms

Open classrooms

Open classrooms

Open classrooms

From Mr Stanton

During Open Classrooms, Year 6 White had a visitor all the way from England. Henry Simpson and his mum came to visit. Henry is a first cousin to Alf Griffin in 6 White. They thoroughly enjoyed going to all different parts of the school and were most impressed by what Waverley College had to offer our students.

Henry and Alf

Year 5 Innovation Club

The Year 5 Innovation Club members have had an amazing first Term learning all about basic programming, flow and working with hardware such as sensors. In their first session, they constructed their Mbots, a very difficult feat.

In the sessions since, the Innovators have been learning how to program their Mbots to automatically navigate their way through a maze using block code. Throughout this project, Year 5 has had to problem solve, think critically and creatively to find solutions, test and make adaptations to successfully navigate their Mbot through mazes.

Lachlan and I have been constantly impressed by their perseverance and enthusiasm. We are very much looking forward to Term 2! 

Innovation Club

Innovation Club

Innovation Club


Ms Charlotte Stephens

Assistant Director of Curriculum


Winter Co-Curricular Team Selections and Terms 2 and 3 Season

It was a great way to finish up our Winter Sport Trials today at Queens Park, with the sun shining and all of our students getting the opportunity to play competitive games for the final trial. All staff and coaches are extremely confident with their team selections, based on the ‘Selection Process’ that we at the Junior School utilise for all sports (refer to selection process document attached below).

>>> Click here to view the Selection Process Document for all Sports Trials.

Teams will not be announced until next week, when we have our sports meetings on Monday, 3 April. This gives staff and coaches a further chance to not rush the team selections, and to make any last minute decisions if required.

In preparation for the Winter Co-Curricular Sport Season beginning in Term 2, please refer to the link below where you’re directed to the Winter Season Draw and the Training Schedule for 2023.

Majority of training aligns with each winter sport, and all will have one training at Waverley Park and Queens Park. Any further information or documents will be shared with you soon if required.

>>> Click here to view all Junior School Co-Curricular information on the College website.

External Sporting Achievements

NSW Junior State Age Swimming Championship

On the weekend of 25 and 26 March, five Waverley College Junior School students competed at the NSW Junior State Age Swimming Championship at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Hugo Bindner, Jacob Roorda, Charles Carrano, Tobias Panlilio and Ben Kostic tried their hardest swimming against the best swimmers in NSW.

Participation in this competition is the highest achievement swimmers of their age can accomplish. Each of the boys swam their hearts out and achieved some great results and times.

Special mention should go to Hugo who finished the weekend with two top-ten finishes, coming 5th in 200m free and 6th in 100m free.

A massive congratulations to all of our Waverley Junior School swimmers on this great achievement.

NSW Junior State Championships

Congratulations, Charles Carrano, Hugo Bindner, Ben Kostic


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director of Co-curricular (Years 5-8)


Home Learning Club – Week 10

*Monday and Tuesday ONLY

We offer all students in Year 5 and Year 6 the opportunity to receive free additional support after school for the completion of home learning tasks. The afternoon sessions also provide a quiet, supervised study space for students who want to complete their assigned tasks.

Home Learning Club operates in the Learning Hub from 3pm until 4pm – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – during school term unless there is a scheduled Professional Development meeting and the club will be closed.   


Click here to register your son

Only register his name once, to allow other students the opportunity to attend. The session is limited to 20 spots. There will be a roll call to ensure attendance.

Students are required to stay for the full session unless there is a message in the student diary requesting early leave, a parent/carer signature will be required.


As it is important to respect the rights of others to learn and work, all students are expected to settle to work in the Learning Hub and not cause a disturbance for others.


If you require any further information, feel free to email us.


If afternoon training sessions are cancelled, unfortunately, you cannot send your son to Home Learning as an alternative plan, students are registered for the afternoon sessions in advance and the capacity is always reached. Try to avoid messaging your son during this period, unless it is urgent.

Meet the 2023 Learning Hub Assistants

2023 Learning Hub Assistants

Congratulations to the following students who are now the 2023 Learning Hub assistants: Ellis Cario, Marcus Juhasz, Flynn Gilmore, Ben Mayne, Max Pargeter, Rhys McEvoy, Noah Nunn, River Sullivan, Jacob Pelletier, Jake Mussett,  Lachlan Moore, Arlo Buchanan, Tom Brown and Luke Haddock.  

I am excited to be working with a new group of boys who will help support old initiatives and make the Learning Hub even more exciting with new initiatives this year. I look forward to working with you and listening to your ideas and suggestions.

Reader of the Week

Reader of the Week

Term 2 Lunchtime Guest Speakers

Lunchtime guest speakers

Lunchtime Talks

Lunchtime talks

Lunchtime Talks

I’m thrilled to share that Term 2 will have four Lunchtime Guest Speakers. The purpose of this initiative is to inspire young people to dream big, work hard and to never give up on their dreams.


Ms Natasha Zivanovic

Literacy & Innovation Teacher


Gratitude in 5 Orange

The word gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. In 5 Orange we acknowledge that we have so much on offer to us as students at Waverley College. We are extremely grateful for all the opportunities presented to us as Waverley boys and we aim to make the most of these. 


We love art as an opportunity to express ourselves.

5 Orange Art

School Counsellor

We love that our school counsellor visited us to promote a message of kindness.

5 Orange School Counsellor

Writer’s Toolbox

We love using Writer’s Toolbox and the support it provides us to become great writers.

5 Orange Writer's Toolbox

These are just a few of the things that we are grateful for in 5 Orange. Most of all we are grateful for each other!

5 Orange Grateful for each other

Ubuntu – “I am because we are”


Mr Elliott McKimm

Classroom Teacher 5 Orange