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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Lacey House Term 2 Report – UPDATE

Phoenix Baldwin 1st XV player

Lacey Boys enjoying themselves before the start of the May Procession

Year Ten Big Brothers with their Year Five buddies

From the Head of Lacey House, Damien Thompson

Lacey House continues to go from strength to strength in our pursuit of excellence following our motto of “Never Give Up”.  Opportunities have continued to grow for leadership opportunities within the Mentor groups and for the Leadership team in House meetings. Our team of Prefects have maintained a very high standard of House meeting presentation with across the years conversation being the cornerstone of their meetings. Getting boys to know each other and to look out for each other is one of our key performance indicators of continuing success. Any boy seeking leadership within Lacey House should be able to name every boy in his Mentor group and be able to tell me at least one interesting thing about their fellow Mentees.

Every senior boy has had at least one opportunity to lead their Wellbeing group during this last term and the impact has been noticeable. I have been impressed by the increased level of attentiveness to the ideas presented by the senior boys. I strongly encourage the boys to look for increased areas in which they feel they might lead. I will be looking for volunteers to fill the music/performance slot that each House meeting will have next term.

The second term of the year is all about academics, sport and preparation for the music tour to Europe. I wish the following boys  from Lacey House all the best for the tour. Dante Bryan, Conor Cahill, Lorenzo & Massimo Di Napoli, Harrison Gippel, Alexander Jones, James Simpson and Alex Woods.

Harry Gippel was also the recipient of the prestigious Head of College Award at the last College Assembly for outstanding effort and achievement in his academic life. The boys of Lacey House are represented by the following lads in their fantastic levels of application levels in their semester one reports.  These boys have achieved an “A” in over 95 % of their application grades:

Year 7; Darius Hall, James Mazor, Jack Preller, Mitchell Reimer and Oliver Schai.

Year 8; Conor Cahill, Harrison Gippel, Max Harrison, Kieran Hozack, Sasha Moustacas and Michael Richmond.

Year 9; Dante Bryan, Sacha Cohen, Massimo Di Napoli, Will Gibson, Harjot Mand, Dante Pontes-Cox,  James Simpson and Max Valentine.

Year 10; Matthew Brock, Ben Elder, Luke Fadel, Shosei Fukushi and Bo McNamara.

In House sport Lacey won the Bronze Medal in the hotly contested “3 on 3” Basketball Competition.  The boys pictured are the members of the Year Seven, Eight and Nine team. From left to right they are Nathaniel Phipps, Joseph Morris, Mitchell Reimer, Jonti Morsehead-Feidel,  Daniel Malone, Will Gibson and Kieran Hozack. Representing the Senior team who also won the Bronze Medal were Jacob Gibson, Daniel Marando, Nathan Papageorgius and Stephen Morrisey.

Lacey Bronze Medallists in the 3 on 3 Competition

The Wellbeing program focused on the theme of “Virtus Sola Nobilitat”, the words inscribed beneath the Waverley College crest. These words have been translated to; ‘Virtue is its own reward’, suggesting that a person should not be motivated by a potential reward, but rather by the knowledge that whatever one does should be fundamentally good in itself. Throughout history certain people have distinguished themselves from the crowd and will forever be remembered as being truly exceptional. The boys have been asked “What will your legacy be”? “What footprints will you leave behind”? and  “How will others remember you”?  This challenge to our boys is a constant reminder that our daily actions shape who we are and dictate how we behave in challenging circumstances. Our Mentor groups were very active in the Men’s Health Week challenges coming away with several prizes for the quizzes and challenges. The image below shows Mrs Cassandra Foster’s group with their winning image of “Make your House” challenge.

Ms Ashleigh Della Marta’s group made an innovative project come to fruition with their Mother’s Day gift. The boys really got behind this activity and produced a wonderful present for this very important person in their lives.

The House Mass was well attended with a dramatic performance of the Gospel being the highlight of the Liturgical celebration. Thank you to Fr Bernie for celebrating the Mass for Lacey House.

Luke Fadel with Will Gibson, Harjot Mand and Ben Elder role play the Gospel

Looking forward to an enjoyable Term 3.