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Academic Curriculum

Last of the lasts for Year 12 2017

Finn O'Sullivan and Tyler von der Heydon presenting to Timor Leste Information evening

From Director of Learning, Elizabeth Watson

At this time of every year, there are 170 boys doing lots of things with the word ‘last’ in front of them.  Their last school assembly, last Maths lesson, last Cadet parade, last Music concert, last CAS carnival, the last time they will walk into the GHR, the last time they will sit in a Kenny classroom. Those sorts of things.

It is a time of emotional rollercoasters for Year 12.  They have come a long distance in their time at Waverley in so many different and individual ways, and each small last is one piece of a bigger conclusion to what has been a big ride for them all.  It is a privilege sharing that with them, and watching them reflect on their time here. It is also very rewarding seeing them ready to take on the challenges beyond the College gates.

“What amazing opportunities the College has given us throughout our schooling journey.” Finn O’Sullivan-College Vice Captain

However, as we celebrate them at their Graduation assembly next week in front of their family, there is still a strong sense of unfinished business.  With HSC exams on the horizon there will be lots of things happening over the coming weeks for our Year 12 boys that will not have the word “last” popped on the front.

It will be a while before the boys will lay claim to that last review of their notes, that last practice paper, that last essay plan, that last revision of that proof. Between now and November still lie challenges, and still lie real opportunities to get closer to academic goals.

While the Year 12 boys are lining up for their last big push towards the exams, we wish them well and hope they know that they have the support of their teachers and the school in their run to their last lasts.  I hope they feel at the end that, for one last time, they got the best out of themselves.  But, I hope that the same is true for all boys, that they can feel they showed everyone their best learning as they head through Term 4 towards the end of the year.