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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Rugby Report and Fixtures

Waverley 1STXV Rugby Team in 2020

Waverley 1STXV Rugby Team in 2020

Please click here to view the fixtures. 

A positive start to the season!

On Saturday 24 April, our Rugby teams played their first opposed fixture for the year against Newington College. It was a terrific and very competitive day of Rugby, with some highly entertaining matches played out in glorious conditions. 

Most importantly, the day gave coaches a good chance to monitor player performances and assist with making calls on team selections and grades. The selection process will most likely take further time as coaches continue to identify the strengths of each player. Our goal is to ensure teams are ready for the commencement of the CAS season at the end of May.

Injuries – Information and procedures to be aware of

Unfortunately, we did have some nasty injuries during our first weekend of Rugby. We pray for and pass on our best wishes to those students who did suffer injuries. May your recovery be swift and free of any pain.

An area for parents and carers to be aware of are the procedures in place to support a player who has received a concussion. We encourage parents to be familiar with the Rugby Australia Concussion Management Protocol, which was created with the wellbeing of all rugby players in mind. For more information about codes/policies/safety/welfare and concussion management, click on the Rugby Australia website  

In summary, if a player displays signs that they have suffered a concussion, they are to be removed from the playing field. The medical staff at each ground will then be able to provide some instructions on treatment, but in all cases a player who has suffered a concussion will be required to see a doctor sometime in the 24 hours after the incident. Following this, a player will not be able to train for 14 days (rest) or play for at least 19 days (which would usually be two matches).

This Week – Waverley College Vs St Augustine’s

This weekend most teams will be heading to Narrabeen to play against St Augustine’s College. We do also have a few teams who will be playing against St Joseph’s College and Shore (see fixtures). We do ask that players and families allow plenty of time to get to the fields at Narrabeen (Sydney Academy of Sports and Recreation), as traffic heading towards the Northern Beaches can be heavy on a weekend. As we are still in a trial period for all teams, we do encourage players to arrive at the ground early and remain after the match to reserve. Good luck to all teams!

Thank You – BBQ & Canteen Support

I would like to thank all those wonderful volunteers from our community who put their hand up and donated some time to assist on the BBQ or the canteen last weekend. I often receive feedback from our visiting families and staff who comment on how friendly our community are during interactions with parents, carers and friends who have volunteered their time. This says a great deal about the fantastic community we have at Waverley College. Thank you all very much. I look forward to seeing you at Narrabeen this weekend.



Mr John McCoy

Convenor of Rugby