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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Tevlin House Mass

Jake Thomas, 2017 Spirituality Prefect, Tevlin House

From the Director of Mission, Phillip Davis

On 25 August 2017, the Tevlin House Mass was celebrated by Fr John Bosman MSC. The Readings (1 Cor 12: 4-11 and Matthew 5:13-16) mirrored the theme Strength through Diversity – Let Your Light Shine Before Others (Mt 5:16) with Tevlin Prefect of Spirituality, Jake Thomas, connecting this message with life at Waverley College in his Reflection.

Other features of this Mass included the Entry Procession, featuring the new Touchstone Banners, the Gospel Procession, which included symbolic lamps and a ‘bushel basket’, and the Communion Reflection Song Burn Bright by Natalie Grant. I would like to thank the staff and students responsible for the organisation and specific roles during the Mass.

I would also like to thank Fr Bosman for presiding at our final House Mass for the year, as well as the many parents who attended the Tevlin House Mass.

Below is Tevlin Prefect of Spirituality, Jake Thomas’ Reflection:

The theme of this morning’s Mass and the goal of this year has been to create a culture that promotes “Strength Through Diversity”. Strength Through Diversity means that as a whole, we can become stronger by combining our differences, and as an individual, it means that we can express our qualities. It’s a way to say that we should accept those with differences, and encourage individuals to pursue their unique talents.

As you look to the front it is no more than a basket that is covering the candles that lie beneath it, but really, it’s much more. The candles represent the diverse talents each of us share and the basket is the fear and pressures that stop us from embracing our gifts and talents.

For a Waverley boy, being a talented singer or dancer may not be perceived the same way as a talented sportsman. And why is that? If that very person a few years later became a world-renowned actor, artist or dancer, we would all be proud of our fellow Waverlian that had done so well for himself. Although his talents were not on the sports field, his unique abilities would be recognised and highly respected. Therefore, it is great to be at a school that encourages students to embrace a diverse range of talents.

Throughout the year, we have had many opportunities to show our talents and have highlighted our ability to work together to achieve great successes. From personal experience playing basketball, a successful team is made up of individuals with different skills and assets, who each depend on each other to do their job. Players range from short, fast and skilled to tall and strong defenders. This team mentality is also relevant in other areas. For example, a rock band is made up of a singer, guitarist, drummer and bass player. They all play an important role in providing a great performance. 

Remember that the strength and success of these ‘teams’ are made possible because of the diverse talents of each of member, whether it’s on the sporting field, academically, artistically or through music or drama. Tevlin, and the whole Waverley community, supports each and every one of your individual talents.

It’s a hard task to break from the norm in order for you to show your own talents. However, it’s a stepping stone to a fulfilling life and one with many opportunities. The Gospel reading “You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works…” suggests that every person, no matter what race, gender, sex or religion, is able to contribute to the world with their own unique abilities. We have vast opportunities at Waverley; opportunities that allow individuals the freedom to express their talents.

Although, we all may not be recognised for our achievements or personal accomplishments, it is important that, as we approach the end of the year, to continue to embrace our diverse talents and welcome and encourage others to do the same.


Australian Catholic Youth Festival

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival takes place on 7-9 December at Homebush. The Festival is for school students Years 9-12 and young adults aged 18-30. Students under 18 years of age must attend as part of a group.

For information see

Waverley College will be taking a group on Thursday 7 December if there are sufficient students interested in Years 9-12. The cost for the day is $125.00. Please note that is the first day of Waverley College student holidays.  Students who are interested in attending on this day are to email Mr Davis by 1 September.

For those students wishing to attend for the three days, the Eastern Deanery will have two groups going: Students from Years 9-12 and Young Adults (18-30).

Contact details for the Eastern Deanery

0414 188 682 (Janice)

Students interested in going with the Eastern Deanery.