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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


The Weights Room

Waverley College Weights Room

From Head of PDHPE, Pat Darvill

The Waverley College weights room was designed in in consultation with FIT1 training studio. It is a functional training area that works for all students and staff at all fitness levels, providing equipment and space for the following activities:

  • PE class – teachers can take a fitness circuit of 40+ students (2 classes)
  • Weights and fitness – open floor training
  • Sports specific training (rugby, basketball, cricket, swimming, etc.), power lifting, speed/agility, core conditioning, active recovery and flexibility.
  • Staff wellbeing – the area is available for use by all staff, catering to all needs and fitness levels.

Aside from scheduled classes and training, the facility is open for use by students and staff from from 7am to 8am and from 3.30pm to 5pm on selected days under the supervision of a Weights Room Manager. The facility is located below the main gymnasium.

Floor plan

The floor plan focuses on different training zones. Each training zone has different exercise equipment and a unique training focus. For example, the LIFT ZONE is designed for advanced barbell strength work where the TRACK offers speed, agility, and leg power training with sleds, ladders, battle ropes and tyres.

The different training zones also allow pods of 4 to 6 students (or adults) to work together in a larger circuit class of up to 40 people. The zones make it easier for teachers to take classes using all of the available floor space.

Weights room activity zones.

Lift Zone

  • The Rogue Power Racks and lifting platform allow for all barbell lifts to be executed in a safe high-performance area. The main exercises can include squats, deadlifts, power cleans, thrusters, hang cleans and sumo squats.
  • The lift platform is perfect for advanced students wanting to develop raw power and strength (eg. elite rugby players).
  • Rogue Landmines are attached to the base of the Power Rack and excellent for rotation and functional sport specific movements.
  • The Rogue MG3 multi grip bar allows different angles when lifting.

The “LIFT” zone is not used during the super circuits but by students under supervision and direction.

Dumbbell Zone

The dumbbells selected are hex head rubber rogue dumbbells. These dumbbells are easy to use and easy on hands. The dumbbell rack is very stable and has a grade incline for easy pick up and placement. There are two flat benches and two adjustable benches in this zone, where four to six athletes can work dumbbells during the super circuits.

Dual Cable Column Zone

This is the most versatile functional piece of equipment at the gym, offering exercises including: seated row, tricep extension, wood chop, squat pull, bent over row and cable fly.

Six students can be working on the cables at one time, making them perfect for larger group super circuits. The cables are safe and easy for students with no background in weight training.

Strength Specific Zone

A high bench and fixed barbell set allows for bench rows. The ten-piece fixed barbell set is also perfect for drop sets on multiple exercises.

The Rogue Abram GHD is a comprehensive tool for midline stabilization and the strengthening of hamstrings and glutes.

Cardio Zone

In the cardio zone there are two rowers, two ski ergs, two assault bikes and two spots for skipping. The cardio options are great for warm ups, metabolic conditioning and injury rehabilitation. The cardio zone fits eight athletes during a super circuit.

Track Zone

The track is a dynamic and challenging space for all athletes.

  • The Sled is perfect for developing leg power and strength. It is also is very effective for cardio conditioning.
  • Battle Ropes improve muscle endurance and body strength.
  • The Escape Tiyr is versatile and can be pushed, carried, flipped and pulled. The smooth cover and handles make it safe to easy to use.
  • Ladders are brilliant for leg speed, agility and conditioning.
  • The Rogue E Sled is used for dragging/pulling sled carries. It will help improve metabolic conditioning and leg power.

The track floor space is left open for long body moves such as sprints, broad jumps, speed crawls, cheetahs, planks walks and more.

New training tyre for weights room

Cross Training Zone

The cross-training zone offers great variety with multiple exercises able to be executed in this space. The floor is left open with all equipment on the side, leaving room for body, ab, core and flexibility work.  Fit-balls, plyo boxes, sliders, core bags, bosu balls, slam balls and kettlebells focus on functional strength and balance. During a super circuit there can be 2 or 3 groups of 4 to 6 athletes completing different exercises.

Bar and Rings Zone

In this zone there are 6 chinning bars set at different heights to suit all athletes. Each Chinning station has a mid-height horizontal bar that acts as a spot for all pull up exercises.  The spotting bar also creates two great full body pulling movements; window chin ups and swinging chin ups.  Each of the chinning bars have a set of gymnastics rings fixed at mid height. This allows for exercises such as: inverted pull, single arm pull up, split squat jumps, freeze jumps and ss inverted. There is also a set of long rings for ring push ups.   During a super circuit, six athletes can be working in this zone.