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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Winter Co-curricular Assembly 2017

2017 Football Premiers with Thomas Grimston cup

From the Director of Co-curriculum, Stephen O’Donnell

While I was sitting in the Assumption Mass on Tuesday and reflecting on what I should say today, Fr Bernie’s words regarding the humility of St Mary struck a chord with me. 2017 has been an extremely successful year for our whole co-curricular program but one of the highlights was the humility shown by many of those teams and individuals who achieved the lofty heights that will be remembered for a long time in the history of the College. The dignity in winning was shown not only by our 1st XI and 1st XV but also some of the opposition who were gracious and very complimentary of the way we played our sport this year.

However, our success has not only been at the top level but has resulted in vastly improved performances in our whole co-curricular program. Cross country, tennis, debating, the reintroduction of volleyball, performing arts, media group, theatre sports and AFL were some of the activities that shone. One of the strengths of Waverley is the range of opportunities that caters to a wide range of students and interests. Much of the success of our co-curricular program is obviously due to the passion and commitment demonstrated by our convenors, staff and coaches. A positive culture on and off the field has paid dividends and has been an integral part of why many of our competitor schools are scratching their heads wondering how we do it. I want to say a big thank you to all staff for their enthusiasm and dedication over the whole year.

We have the opportunity to keep the momentum going with the Track and Field season and I am sure that there are many boys sitting here that could and should be contributing to this co-curricular activity. That momentum should also carry over to summer sport with the pre-season training for some sports starting from next week.

The positive approach by our Year 12s has been something to behold. The support, care and unconditional dedication to each other has helped to create a positive and successful culture. Students should note this and think about the way that we treat each other around the school. Rather than look for an opportunity to have a dig at someone, the culture shown by our 1sts Football and 1sts Rugby sides show what sort of successes and fun we can have when we treat each other, and the opposition, with the respect that they deserve. I want to say a huge thank you to the 2017 Year 12 cohort. Future teams and cohorts will be compared to you as a level to aim for.

There are many people behind the scenes that also enable our co-curricular program to be able to perform. Thank you to our maintenance team, IT department, marketing team, media group, AV staff and ground staff for all of their amazing support. To all parents and especially committee members of the supporter groups who are integral parts of each co-curricular activity and hospitality shown at our home venues.  Thank to you Mr Leddie, Mr Brennan and all of the Executive for their support and passion.  Much of the success we have had this year starts at the top – it was a good year to become a new Head of College! A huge thank you and well done to Mr Elliott as acting Head of Sport which is a very demanding job but can also be very rewarding role.

Whilst we are here to recognise some of the great team and individual performances this year, all of the students that contributed to our program, from the 1st XI to the 7E’s Football, are vital and are just as important as any other students in our program. Some of the great individual performances this year will also be recognised.  We are rapidly running out of room on our Wall of Fame down at Queens Park Pavilion – what a great problem to have!

I am  putting the challenge to all students from Years 7 to 11 to keep improving and to see if you can reach – and even better – the results and success achieved in 2017.

Well done to all award winners and also to all students and staff as we should be very proud. We only achieve these things if we are united as one school. ‘Go the Waves!’

Award Winners


  • 1st XV Captain – Ben Donaldson
  • 1st XV Best & Fairest – Ben Donaldson
  • 1st XV Shawn Mackay Shield Best Team Man – William McCormick & Liam Cornish
  • Award for Contribution to Rugby – Joel Ellis
  • 2nd XV Best & Fairest – Jake Thomas
  • 16A Best & Fairest – Byron Howe
  • 15A Best & Fairest – Ronan Braham
  • 14A Best & Fairest – Klayton Thorn
  • 13A Best & Fairest – Cade Lacey & Max Harrison
  • Most Outstanding Referee – Blake Thorn


  • Winter Tennis Captain – Kiva Gwynne
  • 1st IV Winter Tennis Captain – Patrick Veron
  • 1st IV Best & Fairest – Matija Hripac
  • 2nd IV Best & Fairest – Luke Ryan
  • Y10 Tennis Champion – Oliver Ruse
  • Y09 Tennis Champion – Sebastian Watson
  • Y08 Tennis Champion – Massimo Di Napoli
  • Y07 Tennis Champion – Jacob Deale
  • Most Improved – Jacob Deale



  • 1st XI Captain – Mitchell Knight
  • 1st XI Best Team Man – Liam Preston
  • 1st XI Best & Fairest – Zachary Conacher-Smith & Mitchell Knight
  • Michael Lovell Shield for Contribution to Football – Julian Imvriotis
  • 2nd XI Best & Fairest – Ben Scarf
  • 10A Best & Fairest – Mark Andre
  • 9A Best & Fairest – Mario Rebollo
  • 8A Best & Fairest – Flynn Herbert
  • 7A Best & Fairest – Alexander Morris


Cross Country

  • Open Champion – Charles McGrath
  • U16 Champion – Flynn Gordon
  • U14 Champion – Alex Talbot
  • Most Improved – Flynn Gordon



  • Most Outstanding – Stephen Croft
  • Y11 – Most Consistent Performance – Jasper Wilde
  • Y10 – Most Consistent Performance – Samuel Hall
  • Y09 – Most Consistent Performance – Riley Finnane
  • Y08 – Most Consistent Performance – Connor Boyd-Boland
  • Y07 – Most Consistent Performance – Mackenzie Flitcroft



  • Opens Best & Fairest – Harry Whittaker
  • 9/10 Best & Fairest – Brock Preston
  • 7/8B Best & Fairest – Samuel Connolly
  • 7/8A Best & Fairest – Louis Kitto



  • Senior Best & Fairest – Ayden Janssen Y12
  • Junior Best & Fairest – Max Valentine Y08


Table Tennis

  • Best & Fairest – Daniel Di Francesco
  • Most Improved – Finn Hocking


Media Group

  • Best Sports Photographer – Oliver Pether
  • Best Video Editor – James Campbell



  • Best & Fairest – Dion Hatziandreou


Lawn Bowls

  • Winter Best & Fairest – Thomas Wilkins
  • Winter Most Improved – Alexander De Barros


Track & Field

  • Captain – Lachlan Wallace
  • Vice Captains – Joel Ellis, Liam Cornish, Dylan Quirk



Team Awards

  • Rizzo Cup for best team performance – 1st XI
  • Frank Salvo Trophy for most improved team – 8B Football
  • Tim Kava Shield for best rugby team – 13A Rugby
  • CAS Premiers Rugby 1st XV, 2nd XV, 3rd XV, 16B, 15C, 14A, 13A


Special Awards

  • Pierre de Coubertin Award for sportsmanship – Ben Donaldson
  • Ned Wieland (English Channel swim)
  • Charles Negus (Australian Water Polo)
  • Nikita Strbac (Australian Water Polo)
  • Nick Blakey (AFL)
  • Stuart Swinburn (World Swimming titles)
  • Corey Spiteri (NSW Fencing)
  • Lewis Thompson (Australian Athletics)
  • Ben Donaldson (Australian Schoolboys Rugby)
  • Finn Wright (Australian Schoolboys Rugby)
  • Luca Moretti (Australian Schoolboys Rugby)
  • Marco Bell (Australian Barbarians Rugby)
  • Zach Havard (Australian Ocean Surf Ski Team)
  • Noah Havard (Australian Ocean Surf Ski Team)
  • Ben Walker (Australian Ocean Surf Ski Team)
  • Jeremy Heys (Australian Ocean Surf Ski Team)
  • Will Cooley (Australian Sailing Team)