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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Head’s Message

Year 12 academic awards and the new student leadership team

2017 Graduating Class

2017 Dux of College, Stephen Croft and Mrs Christine Croft

From the Head of College, Graham Leddie


Welcome back

Welcome back to the final term of 2017!

It is my great pleasure to share with you the list of major award winners for the Class of 2017 and to announce the College’s new student leadership team.

At the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2017 at the end of last term we recognised the following outstanding students for their achievements this year:


Class of 2017 Academic Awards

Stephen Croft

  • The Brian Sheedy Prize for Ancient History
  • The Abram Landa Prize for Advanced English
  • The Alice & Mildred Thomas Prize for English Extension I
  • English Extension II
  • The George & Elizabeth Thomas Prize for Extension History
  • The Barry McDonald Prize for Legal Studies
  • Bishop Patrick Dougherty Prize for Studies Of Religion II
  • Br LB Tevlin Memorial Prize for Dux of the College

Lachlan Stewart

  • The Ray Aston Memorial Prize for Biology
  • Mathematics Extension I
  • Br F S Farrell Prize for Physics
  • 2nd in Overall Academic Performance
  • Academic Excellence Mathematics

James Rusconi

  • Business Studies
  • The Catherine Smithurst Prize for Standard English
  • Entertainment
  • Information Processes & Technology
  • Equal 3rd in Overall Academic Performance
  • Academic Excellence Economics

Joe Nardo

  • The M O’Halloran Prize for Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Equal 3rd in Overall Academic Performance

Finn O’Sullivan

  • Br P Oakley Prize for PDHPE
  • College Vice Captain
  • JJ O’Brien Award for Leadership, Study & Involvement
  • PDHPE GHR Award

Tyler von der Heyden

  • College Captain Award (successful leadership and commitment to the College)

Riley Addison

  • Music Course II

Huon Beccaris

  • Construction Equal First
  • Senior Science

Marco Bell

  • Music Course I
  • Head of College Commendation Award
  • Head of College Commendation Award

Billy Cam

  • Industrial Technology

Joe Capron

  • Hospitality

Ralph Chang-Smith

  • Mathematics 2 Unit

Cyrus Chow

  • Bishop Geoffrey F Mayne Prize for Studies Of Religion I
  • Head of College Commendation Award
  • Academic Excellence Mathematics

Ryan Crawshaw

  • Modern History
  • Head of College Commendation Award

Hal Cumpston

  • Br R J Wallace Prize for Drama

Taaj Davis

  • The Judge Thomas Prize for Mathematics Extension II
  • Head of College Commendation Award

Ben Donaldson

  • College Vice Captain
  • WJ Corbett Award for Best All Round Sportsman

Joshua Donovan

  • Academic Excellence Economics

Joel Ellis

  • Mathematics General Course I
  • Caltex All Rounder Award

Alexander Fomenko

  • Academic Excellence Legal Studies

Jake Galluccio

  • Catholic Studies
  • English Studies

Daniel Harasta

  • Academic Excellence Economics

Ayden Janssen

  • Sport Life & Recreation

Felix Kafka

  • The Br PA Conlon Prize for Economics
  • Head of College Commendation Award
  • Academic Excellence Legal Studies

Alfie Killigrew

  • College Vice Captain
  • Waverley Council Award for General Proficiency

Ryan Lewis

  • Visual Arts
  • Old Boys Union Edmund Rice Award for Leadership of Social Justice
  • Academic Excellence Economics

Kelvin Li

  • Design & Technology

James Matis

  • Academic Excellence Economics

Ross Mormanis

  • Academic Excellence Economics

Daniel Morris

  • Reuben F Scarf Award

Angus Mullins

  • Max Coleman Memorial Award for Prefect of the Sodality
  • Archbishop’s Award

Jack Ovens

  • Academic Excellence Economics

Matteo Panucci

  • Food Technology

Jordan Perdia

  • Photography

Daniel Priestly

  • Spanish

Liam Rayner

  • Construction Equal First

Luke Ryan

  • Academic Excellence Mathematics

Matan Sharon-Lemon

  • Marine Studies

John Soden

  • Mathematics General Course II
  • Head of College Commendation Award

Nicholas Sterianos

  • Geography

Alex Vardanega

  • Music Extension

Jonathan Wu

  • Academic Excellence Mathematics


Congratulations to all of our graduates and best wishes for the HSC examinations, which commence on Monday 16 October and conclude Tuesday 7 November.


Class of 2018 Student Leaders

I am also very pleased to announce our new Student Leadership Team from the Class of 2018. These outstanding young men were selected from a large number of nominations from the Class of 2018 and I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the selection process for the high standard that was set.


Harley McGuiggan


Vice Captains

Daniel Andrews

Jack Hardwicke-Owen

Dominic Augoustis




Jasper Wilde

Andre Vumbaca

Domenic Abruzzese

Stephen Davies



Coen Finati

Ethan Reid

Daniel Hassan

Luca Zanarini



Luca Martin

Ryan Connolly

Jonathon Schacht

Anthony Roydhouse



Daniel Brown

Ben Scarf

Nathan Higgs

Allan Cannes



Felix Valentine

Jacob Gibson

Byron Howe

Ben Webster



Reece Thorn

Patrick Kossenberg

James Bodkin

Tadgh Murphy



Kiva Gwynne

Hunter Markham

Joseph Wightwick



Daniel Callaghan

Jacob Tomasiello

Adam McCabe

Fred Watkins


Our new school leaders were presented at our Leadership Assembly on Thursday.


Staff Updates

A warm welcome to a number of new staff members for this term:

  • Mr Tom Pryor replacing Mr Glenn Murphie who is on leave;
  • Ms Hillary DeJoux replacing Ms Georgie Jeffries who is on maternity leave;
  • Ms Anne O’Loughlin our new TAS food assistant;
  • Mr Saif Nazami replacing Ms Rosa Nunez in Finance.

We welcome back the following staff members returning from Long Service Leave: Mr Tony Moore, Mr Greg Harris, Mr Mark Claridge, Mr Matt Barr, Ms Deanne Seamons, Mr Brad Thompson and Mr Gary Kennedy.

I would like to wish Mr Ben Meadley a quick recovery. Ben sustained a  fracture of his hand and is being replaced by Mr Tony Proudfoot for the first two weeks of Term 4.


Congratulations and Good Luck

Good luck to the following boys who have been chosen in their respective Club sides to compete in the National Oztag Championships being held in Coffs Harbour this weekend: Aaron Dimovitch (Year 8), Josh Algie (Year 8), Ethan Flanagan (Year 8), Blair Kallis (Year 9), Flynn Wild (Year 9), Emmanuel Di Bartolo (Year 9), Zavian Taylor-Simi (Year 9), Corey Kallis (Year 12) – safe travels north.

Congratulations also to Xavier Scally (Year 7) who has been selected to represent his association in the NSW Indoor Hockey State Championships and also Oliver Davis (Year 7) who has been competing in National golf competitions over the holidays including coming 8th in the Jack Newton International Sub-Junior Classic from 91 starters. Oliver was also team captain at the recent National Match Play in the Southern Highlands.


Tenth Anniversary of Edmund Rice Education Australia: A Message from the EREA Council

It has now been ten years since the establishment of Edmund Rice Education Australia. I would like to share with you the following message to our community from Paul D Oakley cfc, President of Edmund Rice Education Australia:


Greetings to all in Edmund Rice Education Australia

During the recent school holidays a significant anniversary was reached for Edmund Rice Education Australia. Ten years ago, on the first of October 2007, the Christian Brothers established Edmund Rice Education Australia. In doing so the Christian Brothers delegated to the members of its Council the necessary authority to conduct the schools which had before that been the responsibility of the four Provinces of Christian Brothers in Australia.

The planning for this decision on the part of the Brothers had been in train for quite some years and since 2000 had been focussed on developing this new entity for all of Australia. The leadership teams of the Brothers, school leadership and school board members all contributed to the thinking and eventual shape of what would become Edmund Rice Education Australia. At the end of 2012 Edmund Rice Education Australia was formally recognised by the Church as a Pontifical Public Juridic Person and incorporated for Australia as Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia.

Our story and celebration would be merely that of one organisation taking on the work of another if it was not for our immersion in the story of a particular person, Blessed Edmund Rice. In his introduction to his compilation of sacred songs in ‘Sacred Story’ the poet, song writer and singer Liam Lawton wrote:

“It was only when I began researching the life and times of Edmund Rice for this collection, did I realise how unique this story was – with very few, if any, parallels in Irish History. As the story unfolded I found myself being drawn into the world of one who experienced the harshness of penal days, the loving environment of family, the excitement of merchant business, the bliss of courtship and marriage, the tragedy of losing a partner, the sadness of holding a disabled child, the courage to leave one world and enter another and the selfless giving and complete service to the voiceless.” (Sacred Story, A Celtic Celebration, Liam Lawton, Carlow, 1997)

It is nearly one hundred and fifty years since a follower of Edmund Rice, Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy, stepped ashore with his companions at Station Pier in Melbourne to commence to do for the young voiceless ones of Australia what Edmund Rice had done for those in Ireland some sixty years earlier. In Edmund Rice Education Australia we are taking up the ministry of the many Brothers and their colleagues who followed in their footsteps.

On this tenth anniversary of the establishment of Edmund Rice Education Australia we can rejoice that the vision of those who planned and worked long and hard over so many years has been fulfilled. Edmund Rice Education Australia now governs, manages and conducts over fifty schools and learning centres. This is a great responsibility and a very great privilege. The Brothers have not only generously gifted the schools and their resources, a physical patrimony, to Edmund Rice Education Australia, but more importantly, they have gifted their spiritual patrimony by sharing the Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice to enliven and inspire all in Edmund Rice Education Australia as we continue to develop this schools ministry in Church mission.

Our continuing development as Edmund Rice Education Australia has only been possible because of the generous contributions of the Christian Brothers and all our parents, staff, students and administrators. Many have been inspired by the Charism that we share. ‘The Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition’ gives practical expression to that Charism through the Touchstones that have been developed by our community. As the Charter proclaims:

“These touchstones give us ideals authentically linked with the charism which underpins the ministry in our schools and educational endeavours. They help us set our direction and define our goals as, following Blessed Edmund’s vision, we continue to reflect and seek to make the Gospel a living reality in our communities.”

May each of us and each of our schools share in the prophetic mission of the Catholic Church to continue the work of Jesus and bring good news to the poor.

With deep and sincere thanks for all you do to bring this mission to life.

Paul D Oakley cfc

President, Edmund Rice Education Australia

On behalf of the Council – 9 October 2017