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Junior School Canteen

The Junior School canteen is open every school day for recess and lunch. The menu meets the National Healthy School Canteens guidelines and is available for download below.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time to assist at the canteen.

Volunteers Needed

We are extremely pleased to advise that we again have the ability to have volunteers back in the Junior Canteen this year. Therefore, we are looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist us in our daily operations from 9.30am till 1.45pm.

Lunch is provided for all volunteers.

We highly value the assistance and support of our volunteer workers as it allows us to be more efficient in our services for the students.  We welcome all members of the Waverley College Community (Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Carers etc).  We are also happy to take on any availability, whether it’s once a week, month, or even once a term – it all helps.

We are currently putting together the volunteer roster online, so if you are interested please select the below link for the Senior School:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms Nina Kormanyos,  College Canteen Manager via email:

How to set up your Flexischool Account

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, you will need your son’s code, which is found on their student card.

Step 1 – Register

  • Go to
  • Click the ‘Register’ button
  • Enter your email address. You will then be sent an email with a registration link. Follow the link and complete the form.


Step 2 – Add a student

Add a student to your account and link his Student Card. Once registered you will be taken to your account homepage. Click the “Add a Student” button. The first step is to search for and select Waverley College. Enter ‘waverley’ into the search box and click the Search button, then select Waverley College from the list. Once you have selected Waverley College, complete the form by filling out the student’s details and click the ‘Add Student’ button.

The next and very important step is to link the student’s card to this account. The ‘Student ID Card Number’ is the ‘Code’ found on their Student Card. Ensure you have checked ‘I do want to link a card to the system’ and enter the code found on the student card into the ‘Student ID Card Number’ field. Click ‘Save’.


Step 3 – Top Up Account

The are numerous links on the account home page to ‘Top Up your Account’. You can find one under the “My Account” tab. Specify your payment method and complete the transaction to ensure there is credit on the card.


For a video explanation of how to set up a student’s Flexischools account, go to the Flexischools website


Junior School Canteen Menu Download

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