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Senior School Rugby

Rugby at Waverley College

Sport is an integral part of Waverley College’s education programme and all students are encouraged to join in and become part of a team. Rugby is one of the main winter sports at the College and enjoys tremendous popularity throughout all age groups in both the Senior and Junior School.

The Rugby mission at Waverley is to:

  • Foster the sport of rugby for students and coaches as part of the College’s overall education programme.
  • Provide opponents with a good contest and hospitality while always displaying the highest standard of sportsmanship.
  • Provide all students, coaches, parents, Old Boys and supporters with enjoyment  through Rugby across all levels and age groups.
  • Assist all students to achieve their goals.

Waverley is a member of the Combined Associated Schools along with, Barker, Knox, Cranbrook, St Aloysius and Trinity. These six schools make up the very competitive CAS Rugby competition that is played on Saturdays during the winter season. In addition to the CAS competition, Waverley traditionally starts the season off with strong trial games against GPS and other reputable rugby schools. The 2015 pre-season saw the Waverley College 1st XV and Development Squad tour New Zealand.

Throughout the year Waverley regularly hosts visiting interstate and overseas schools. Many of these visits lead to lasting friendships.

Playing the Game at Waverley

Whilst Waverley plays hard and tough rugby, the emphasis is always on enjoyment and sportsmanship. Waverley’s rugby players are renowned for being a very tight knit group and over their years at the College develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Waverley is highly regarded as one of Australia’s most successful rugby nurseries with many fine representative players displaying their skills at Queens Park as schoolboys. The most recent crop of Old Boys to achieve representative honours include Tom English, Sam Talakai, Jed Holloway and Stephen Hoiles.

Coaching at Waverley

Waverley is committed to maintaining its reputation as an excellent Rugby school through best practice coaching and training. This is provided by College staff who devote their Saturdays and many hours through the week to give the boys the opportunity to continue a great tradition.

The Rugby Supporter Group

The Rugby Supporter Group assists the school in fostering the game of rugby and all it stands for throughout the Waverley College community.

The Supporter Group also contributes  financially towards special needs the College may have for Rugby equipment and training aids, rugby tours and gymnasium upgrades etc.

During the Rugby Season the Group:

  • Provides a framework for Old Boys, parents and friends to contribute to the College’s Rugby.
  • Runs the Queens Park morning and afternoon teas, canteen and barbecue, aiming to maintain the College’s reputation for outstanding hospitality throughout the CAS and GPS competitions.
  • Conducts the end of season Presentation Dinner as well as other fundraising events.

All parents are welcome to be involved in the Supporters Group.  It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience to be part of your son’s Rugby career at Waverley.

Rugby Venues

Queens Park

Queens Park is Waverley College’s Home Ground Venue for Rugby Fixtures:

If your team is at this Venue you may be on one of the following grounds.

Queens Park 1: QP1

Queens Park 3: QP3

Lower Queens: LQ1 & LQ2


5 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

PLEASE NOTE: “Horden” is the playing field located inside the school grounds.

St Aloysius College

47 Upper Pitt Street, Milsons Point NSW 2061

Trinity College

119 Prospect Road, Summer Hill (Sydney) 2130

Barker College

91 Pacific Highway, Hornsby NSW 2077

Knox Grammar School

Pacific Highway, Wahroonga NSW 2076


All Rugby Players at Waverley College are required to wear the correct uniform when playing. This includes:

  • Waverley College Rugby Jersey
  • Rugby Shorts (Juniors – Blue, Opens – Black)
  • Rugby Socks
  • Boots
  • Mouth Guard

Wearing head protection is also promoted at Waverley College.

Player Expectations


  • Every player who pulls on a Waverley College jersey is expected to try their best for the school.
  • Every player is expected to play in the spirit of the game – constantly displaying good sportsmanship and respect for opposition players.
  • While achievement on the rugby field is important, school work is a priority. Involvement in rugby is not an excuse for failing to complete school work.

Attendance – Training

  • Each player is expected to attend a compulsory 2 training sessions per week.
  • In the unfortunate event that a student receives a detention, students must not miss training to complete the detention. This will not be an excuse to miss training.
  • A/B’s players are encouraged to use the Weights Room at least one morning each week for strength and conditioning work.
  • Goal Kicking practice will be held on Friday Mornings at Queens Park for team goal kickers from all ages.
  • If you are absent from training, you require a note for your coach.

Attendance – Game Day

  • All students must be present and ready to play at least 30 minutes before the match to ensure a full team warm up is administered.
  • Players MUST reserve for the game following their own, for example “C” players must reserve for the “B” fixture.
  • Reserves are the only players allowed on the bench (in allocated area). All other players will be asked to move to the supporters area.
  • If you are absent from your game you will need a Medical Certificate.
  • Injured players MUST still attend their team training and matches.
  • If a player requires leave for a Saturday fixture, an application must be made to the Headmaster at least 2 weeks in advance. The Headmaster is the only person who may grant approved leave.


  • All players must have the correct uniform before entering the field of play. This includes jersey, shorts (Blue – Juniors (13’s to 16’s), Black – Opens), socks, boots and mouth guards.
  • Players are encouraged to wear headgear.
  • Students reserving are to wear the Waverley College Tracksuit only.
  • Players in the 16A’s, 2nd & 1st XV are required to wear their full school uniform to the venue as well as to the after match function.


  • Any form of misconduct will not be tolerated.
  • Players who receive red cards will be required to appear in front of an internal judiciary, consisting of the MIC Rugby, Sportsmaster, Director of Co-Curricular and in some instances, the Headmaster.


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