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Waverley College Aquatic Centre is Available to the Whole Community

Our Aquatic Centre is a facility that is available for the whole community to enjoy. We run comprehensive Swim School programs for all age ranges, from kindergarten children upwards, through to adults. Our heated pool is 50m, so squad swimmers gain fitness as well as stroke technique.

Please see our website for more details.



Welcome to 2024!

A big welcome to 2024 and a very warm welcome to our new families who have joined Waverley this year. We have already had such a busy start to the year!

It was so lovely welcoming our new Year 5 students and parents/carers on Monday. It is such a special day for the students who looked smart in their new uniforms and were keen to start their journey at Waverley College.

This week the boys were involved in Sports Trials for the upcoming summer season. This is always a highlight of the year for the boys as they meet new friends and enjoy being active. We understand there can be disappointment but we do instil in our students the need for being resilient and embracing the opportunity to be challenged and grow.  

Our Meet and Greet Interviews were a huge success this week and I hope you all enjoyed meeting your son’s new teacher. We hope this gave you a chance to discuss any concerns as well as being able to set goals for the year. Please keep open communication with your son’s teachers as we progress through the year. 

We welcome two new teachers to the Junior School this year. Ms Mikaela Turner who replaces Ms Charlotte Stephens in 5 Indigo while she is on maternity leave and our new Music teacher Mr Jonathon Bowden. 


Please see below the new contact details for reporting your son’s absence (including co-curricular). If it is for a long period of time please contact myself for approval by emailing

Absence and reporting an absence

Plan B 

Please have a discussion with your son about always having a Plan B for when plans change. This is very important for our students, especially around sport and co-curricular activities. At times, these activities will be cancelled due to wet weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Please put together a plan so your son knows exactly what to do when circumstances change. 

Pick-up and Drop-off

For those new to Waverley, there is a drop-off and pick-up space in front of the school but it is very limited. Most students have organised alternative spots to meet their parents/carers that don’t cause chaos on Henrietta Street. Please organise an appropriate pick-up spot that works for you.

There has also been a huge concern on the footpaths at the front of the school as it is very crowded, and I’m watching students cross the road not using the crossing. This is extremely dangerous as cars can not see the boys. Please refrain from calling them across the street and please ask them to use the crossing. Please also be mindful of the neighbouring houses by not blocking their driveways and parking in ‘No Stopping’ areas. 

Term 1 2024: Coding

Coding class on a Monday will continue this year. If you would like your son to be part of the session please go to the booking link below. There is an Early Bird Offer (valid till 5 February 2024) – Save $15.

Please include this Discount Code: T124EB

Details: Monday, 12 February to Monday, 8 April – 8 sessions

Time: 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Please find the booking link HERE 

Diary Dates

Please find below some reminders about upcoming events. For all of Term 1 events, please refer to the College Calendar.





Ms Gaby Bransby

Director of the Junior School


From Mr Steve Ghattas, Assistant Director of Junior School / Identity & Student Formation

Pastoral Care Notifications

Throughout the year, you will receive notifications within the Parent Lounge and via email regarding Pastoral Care incidents.  These include:

Please note that information and the reasons behind these notifications are given within the Parent Lounge, therefore it is important that you check details before contacting teachers. 

With any questions or concerns you have about any of these matters, please reach out to your son’s class teacher first and then if you wish to discuss these matters further, please contact me.

Class Masses and House Masses

As part of our Catholic faith, the Junior School students will attend Mass at Mary Immaculate with the regular parishioners throughout the year. These Masses begin at 9:15am and parents/carers are warmly invited. Dates of when your son’s class will be in attendance will be sent to you by your son’s class teacher in the coming weeks.

Additionally, each House will have a Mass throughout the year. This Mass is held in the College Chapel in the Senior Campus, beginning at 6pm and is followed by a light supper. Once again, parents/carers are warmly invited to attend.  Dates for these Masses are published in the College Diary and information will be sent to parents/carers and students via email from the Heads of House.


From Ms Jade Sparks, Assistant Director Co-Curricular (Junior School)

A warm welcome to all new families and returning families in our Waverley community. We are so thrilled to have you join us at the Junior School, and I look forward to getting to know you more as the year progresses. Please see the important Co-Curricular information shared at the information session on Day 1 for all new Year 5 families. 

We have had a very positive and enjoyable Sport Trials, and look forward to welcoming your sons into their Summer Sport teams for 2024. Our new and continuing students have shown resilience and commitment and I look forward to an exciting season ahead. 

Please remember the Junior School Swimming Carnival will be taking place on Thursday, 8 February 2024. Boys are encouraged to wear House shirts, which you can purchase from the Uniform Shop. More information will be sent out before the carnival. Parents are welcome to attend. 

It is very important to label all articles of clothing, shoes, bags and equipment. There has been a lot of lost property during trials this week.

Co-curricular Information 2024

Please use this link to the College Website for all Junior School Co-Curricular information. On this page, you will find policies, expectations, Code of Conduct, the Training Schedule for the current Term, and the current Draw. Fixtures for each Saturday will be sent out via the Waverley App in the days leading up to each Saturday.

Download our Waverley App and turn on push notifications for urgent announcements, fixtures for upcoming Saturday matches, wet weather updates, training or game cancellations. 

In our weekly Nurrunga newsletter, you will find upcoming dates, match results, and information about representative competitions. 

It is crucial you use the Parent Portal to log absences (sickness/misadventure) from training or games. Exemptions from Saturday games are the only absences that need to be requested via email to Ms Jade Sparks

Chess Club information can be found by clicking this link here. Please email Ms Samara Sanchez if your son wishes to participate this Term. All other Extra Co-curricular information will be sent out via the Waverley App in the coming weeks (a full list of options are on the Junior School Co-curricular page). 


From Ms Natasha Zivanovic, Primary Literacy and Innovation Teacher

Home Learning Club Week 2

(NO HOME LEARNING Thursday, 8 February 2024 – Junior School Swimming Carnival)

We offer all students in Year 5 and Year 6 the opportunity to receive free additional support after school for the completion of home learning tasks. The afternoon sessions also provide a quiet, supervised study space for students who want to complete their assigned tasks.

Home Learning Club operates in the Learning Hub from 3pm until 4pm – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – during school Term unless there is a scheduled Professional Development meeting and the club will be closed.   


Register your son via the link 

Only register his name once to allow other students the opportunity to attend. The session is limited to 20 spots. There will be a roll call to ensure attendance.

Students are required to stay for the full session unless there is a message in the student diary requesting early leave, a parent’s/carer’s signature will be required.


As it is important to respect the rights of others to learn and work, all students are expected to settle to work in the Learning Hub and not cause a disturbance for others.


If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

An important note to remember, if afternoon training sessions are cancelled, unfortunately, you cannot send your son to Home Learning as an alternative plan, students are registered for the afternoon sessions in advance and the capacity is always reached.  

Try to avoid messaging your son during this period, unless it is urgent.

News from The Learning Hub

As we welcome a new group of students to Waverley in 2024, The Learning Hub aims to nurture and guide them in their social, creative and academic development. 

This week we saw the boys use this space in many different ways before school and during lunch. 

Over the next few weeks, different initiatives will be on offer for the students to join. The initiatives aim to promote the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative thinking.

On Friday, 29 July 2022 Year 8 students will be participating in the Academic Assessment Services (Allwell) Test during Periods 1-4.  This is a mandatory test and you may remember that all students sat a similar test upon entry to Year 7.

This test forms a key part of Waverley College effectively and consistently measuring the academic growth of all students.  When combined with the NAPLAN data, the College will have four years of data measurement to provide feedback to you regarding your son. We also use this data in a variety of ways to improve the delivery of curriculum within the school.

After the testing day you will be provided with a written report, summarising your son’s results.  These results will be returned to the College a few weeks after the testing date.

How does my son prepare for these tests?

There is no course material to study prior to the day.  It is a measurement, similar to NAPLAN, to give the College a picture of how your son is progressing during Year 8.  It is vitally important on the day for your son to try his best, read the instructions carefully and use every minute to maximum effect.

What happens if my son is absent from school that day?

There will be another day allocated to enable students to complete the test if they are away.

Information about the Testing Day

Date: Friday, 29 July 2022

Time Schedule: 8:45 am   –   Start Session 1

                             10:45 am   –   Recess Break

                             11:05 am   –   Start Session 2

                             12:30 pm   –   Finish

Venue: Lacey Gymnasium

On the Day

.        Student must bring two pens – blue or black

.        Scientific calculator (not CAS)

.        Use the toilet before the first session.  Interruption may affect test results

.        Relax and do your best.  Read the instructions and use every minute to maximum effect

.        The tests are held in two (2) sessions with a twenty (20) minute recess break between each session

We are delighted to announce that ICAS will return to Waverley College this year for English and Science. We encourage you to consider entering your child for either ICAS assessment. This fantastic assessment program allows students to challenge themselves and be recognised for their academic efforts. The assessment is now fully online and sitting dates will commence in Term 3.

Please visit the link below to register for either the English ICAS, Science ICAS or both!

You now pay for ICAS individually online! To confirm your child’s participation, visit and enter our unique school code FGF377 to make a direct payment to ICAS Assessments.

Download the Careers Newsletter

Please see me if you require any further assistance or information.

Year 12 Home Study Day

Monday, 25 July is a home study day for Year 12 while the Yr 7-11 Parent-teacher interviews are conducted

The College Library will be open for your use this day (8am-4pm). 

Year 12 Year Meeting

Tuesday, 26 July in College Chapel during Wellbeing time. Mrs Porter and Mrs Knowles will go through Trial HSC expectations and protocols.

Year 12 Tutorials

Please find below the schedule for the Year 12 Tutorials in Term 3, Week 2. Topics covered during the tutorials include content revision, study skills, exam preparation and practice papers. These tutorials have proven extremely valuable and, while not compulsory, are strongly encouraged.

It is important that we know attendance numbers so teachers can prepare accordingly. To that end, the expectation is that students who register for the tutorial, attend. Rolls will be taken to assist us to manage the program.  The cut-off time to register for morning tutorials is 3:00pm the day prior.

Week 2 tutorials have been published. Please register on sheet attached.

Date Subject Time Room Teacher
Monday, 25 July Year 7-11 Parent/ Teacher/ Student Interviews (Pupil Free Day)
Tuesday, 26 July
SOR II 3:30pm – 5:00pm W22A Martina Cooper/ Cath Stewart
Chemistry 3:30pm – 5:00pm E04 Emily Pace
Drama 3:30pm – 5:00pm P118 Alison Jinga/ Peter Lamb
Wednesday, 27 July
Mathematics Standard 7:30am – 8:30am E25 Nicola Silsby
Mathematics Ext 2 7:30am – 8:30am E32 Steven Hall
Geography 3:30pm – 5:00pm W33 Adam Wallington
Visual Arts 3:30pm – 5:00pm C11 Natalie Oates
PDHPE 3:30pm – 5:00pm GHR Patrick Darvill
Thursday, 28 July
Mathematics Advanced 7:30am – 8:30am E26 Matt Mountfort
Economics 3:30pm – 5:00pm K01 Marie-Anne Maakrun

Ms Elizabeth Watson – Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District is due to attend Waverley College on Tuesday 16th of August, 2022 for Year 10 routine school vaccinations. 

The following vaccines are being offered to students in 2022: 

Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) 1 dose

Parent Information Kits which include an information sheet, consent form and privacy statement have been distributed to students to be taken home and signed. These were distributed to all students in Year 10 in the house assemblies held on Friday, 22 July, 2022. If you wish for your child to receive school vaccinations please return your consent card to the Health Centre as soon as possible. Please note that any vaccine offered to students at school requires the signed consent of parents/ guardians.

Consent may be withdrawn at any time. Parents/ guardians who wish to withdraw consent may do so by writing or by phoning the school. 

Should your child miss the upcoming clinic, they will be offered catch-up vaccination throughout the year where possible. If your child is due to receive catch-up vaccination in the school program but has received their dose with the GP, please inform the school as soon as possible to avoid any potential vaccination errors. 

More information regarding the school vaccination program is available at:

Ms Adele Cutbush – Registered Nurse, Health Centre Waverley College




Term 3 – Our Lady’s Term

Week 2

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Welcome back to Term 3

I hope your sons had a nice holiday and are ready for a great term ahead. At the whole school assembly this week, I spoke about the new opportunities that a new semester can bring through reflection and recalibration. 

‘To reflect on one’s performance is a good thing, it encourages change in oneself, change in direction, change in behaviours and therefore the possibility of change in outcomes. But sometimes working out how to create change in yourself is the difficult part and that is where recalibration comes in. To recalibrate is to make small changes to an instrument so that it measures accurately. It is also to re-examine one’s thinking, system of values, and to correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose. So, if recalibration is about making small adjustments to the instrument and the instrument is you, then what are some good examples that will bring about the desired change?  

Exercise – it affects your mood and improves your body’s performance both physically, emotionally and mentally. Top academics ensure they exercise regularly. 

Diet – what you put into the instrument, your body, affects performance and how it operates. It is the same with hydration, most headaches are fixed with more water consumption. 

Sleep – the Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll talks about sleep as his greatest weapon in delivering results as a coach. When his players get adequate sleep, they play better. I am sure he adds something else into his coaching matrix, but he rates sleep as the key performance indicator. 

Repetition/Habits – one of my favourite authors Malcolm Gladwell states that it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills – good behaviour in class every day, revision each night, 10 minutes of reading every day, and writing out your notes are proven ways to improve your learning. Make this one of your SMART goals for this term    

Technology – humans were not designed to be connected to technology all day and night. It takes an hour for your eyes and brain to unwind properly from looking at a screen. I encourage you to get your technology usage under control for better overall wellbeing and to find other ways to relax – go for a walk, play with your dog, cook a meal, or help someone out.  

Trial & HSC Examination tips

I was lucky enough to attend a session this week with all of the Year 12 HSC ATAR students and Old Boy and 2015 College Dux, Adam Hegedus. Adam shared with the boys his tips and approach to studying for the Trial and HSC examinations. I include some of Adam’s tips below: 

I encourage you to read Mrs Watson’s article in this newsletter which unpacks Adam’s session in more detail. 

Staff Farewell

On behalf of the College Community, I would like to thank Mr Brad Thompson for his service to the College over the last eighteen and half years. Brad served in the HSIE Department and also contributed significantly to Quinn House, basketball and our Cadet program as an officer and also heavy vehicle driver.  We may see him as a casual teacher from time to time, but we wish him all the very best in his future endeavours as he makes the transition to retirement. 

Mr Graham Leddie – Principal

Can you volunteer to assist us in our daily operations from 9:30am till 1:45pm? We really need you!

Lunch is provided for all volunteers.

We greatly value the assistance of our volunteer workers as it allows us to be more efficient in our services for students and staff.

We welcome all members of the Waverley College Community – mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and carers.

We are happy to take on any availability, whether it’s once a week, month, or even once a Term – it all helps.

The Term 1 2024 volunteer roster is online, so if you are interested, please volunteer as soon as you can by clicking this link.

Thank you.


Ms Nina Kormanyos

College Canteen Manager

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Waverley College Uniform Shop
(02) 9369 0709

Rugby Report

Welcome Back!

I would like to welcome all members of the Waverley College Community back to Term 3. I hope that all families had a terrific holiday break and were able to spend some quality time together. We only have three rounds of rugby remaining for the 2022 season – a season which I cannot remember ever seeing so much wet weather. Fingers crossed we can finish off the season on a high note with plenty of sunshine!

CAS Round 3 Vs Cranbrook

This weekend Waverley College will play against Cranbrook School in Round 3 of the CAS Competition. This fixture is always an entertaining one against our neighbours from Bellevue Hill. Please note that some of our 13s and 14s teams will be travelling to play Oakhill College as Cranbrook do not match up with all grades in these age group. We wish our travelling teams all the best as well as, of course, those teams playing in the Eastern Suburbs.

Training Schedule

Please note that all players will be expected at training for the remaining three weeks of the season. A reminder that 13s, 14s and 15s will train on Monday and Wednesday, with the 16s and Opens training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please be aware that there will be no training on Monday 25th July due to the scheduled Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews which will be running for the full day.

We are also mindful of our Year 12 students who will be completing the HSC Trials which commence in Week 3. While Year 12 students will not have classes, training will be on as scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday. We are mindful of and certainly support any students who may have exam commitments on those days.

Representative Selections

On behalf of the Waverley College Community, I would like to congratulate the following students who made representative teams over the break.

15s Age Group

 CAS Representatives (16s)

Zion Poitaha, Oliver Aboud, Troy Patea, Declan Minto, Kahu Capper, Joseph Tangi, James Nestor, Jordan McCreery

Sydney/NSW Representatives (16s)

CAS Representatives (Opens)

CAS 1sts

Ethan Halatokoua, Tino Janhke-Tavana

CAS 2nds

AJ Preketes, Dane Towns, Ky Pule, Solomon Tuquiri

CAS Shadows

Jonas Dowling, Ben Finegan, Jonti Morshead-Fiedel, Caleb Sinclair-Harris

NSW (Opens)

Australian Schoolboys

Martin Pitt Shield

Congratulations to the players involved in the CAS U/16s team who won the Martin Pitt Shield for the first time since 2014 at the NSW Schools Rugby Union Tournament defeating GPS 24 to 21 in the final. Special mention to the coaching staff involved in this win including our own Ms Kaitlyn Downey and Mr Stephen O’Donnell!

Rugby Presentation Night – Save the Date!

I am pleased to confirm that we have secured a booking at Easts Rugby Club for the 2022 Rugby Presentation Night. The event will be held on the evening of Friday, 19 August. More details will be sent out to the community in the coming weeks.

Queens Park Canteen & BBQ Support

Thank you to those parents and friends who have volunteered to assist across the season. We sincerely thank you for your generosity in giving up your time on the weekends.

As the season draws to a conclusion, we are looking for support over the final three rounds of rugby. The schedule is as follows:

If any parents, carers and friends are free to assist during any of the Saturdays listed above please register your interests on the 2022 Online ( Roster:

Thank you for your support in advance!

I would like to wish all teams the very best for this weekend!


Mr John McCoy – Convenor of Rugby